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BLMC Q&A at 9 to 5

On Tuesday evening, May 19, a group of 130 people—including attendees, speakers, sponsors, and staff of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes—went to see 9 to 5 The Musical at the Marriott Marquis theatre. Following the performance, the group was able to remain in the theatre for a Q&A session with production electrician Greg Husinko and head electrician Eric Abbott. They answered questions about the lighting rig, the load-in and tech time in the theatre, and allowed everyone to come up on stage and look around. The automated section of the rig includes over 90 Vari-lites controlled by an MA Lighting grandMA console, plus some ETC Source Fours and other conventionals run by an ETC Obsession with ETC dimmer racks. Kudos went to the MDG Atmosphere hazers for doing such a great job! The lighting "converged" with the video which was shown on a large Element Labs Stealth LED video wall. The lighting and video were discussed at the BLMC on May 20, on a panel featuring LDs Jules Fisher, Ken Posner, and Peter Nigrini. A special thanks goes to Greg, and Eric for hosting the Q&A!

9 to 5

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