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The Black Tank's 4" BRICKBLAST​ER Pro Warms Truss at Global Fight League's "Heavy Hitters" Event

The Black Tank's 4" BRICKBLAST​ER Pro Warms Truss at Global Fight League's "Heavy Hitters" Event

truss1.JPGAmesbury, MA – October 18, 2011 – Once again the massive output and compact form factor (4" cubed) of the BRICKBLASTER Pro RGBW fixture has provided a solution to a difficult lighting task. The fixtures were used at the Portland Expo Center in Maine to provide high impact truss toning at the Global Fight League event (GFL 13) on September 23, 2011.

Truss toning (also known as warming) is a commonly used method of integrating dull aluminum truss into the overall look and feel of a venue or stage by illuminating it. This technique is commonly used during sports, concerts and other events. At GFL, truss was flown over the octagon and the fixture not only provided a means of rigging the down lighting system used to illuminate the octagon, but also provided a controllable lit element, critical to the overall lighting plot and ambience of the arena.

For the event, the fixtures were set to operate in standalone color wash mode (without DMX control) and rigged inside the center of the 12” truss; one per truss section. When a BRICKBLASTER Pro is set in any of its standalone modes real DMX is generated and can be utilized to synchronize other fixtures. This allows the user to create a cohesive lighting display without the use of a DMX console or control source.

The BRICKBLASTER Pro Series of LED fixtures are known for being able to fit into impossibly small locations and for disappearing on stage or in permanent installations. This 4" cubed fixture is perfect for mounting in standard 12" box truss and is available in full RGBW color (red, green, blue and white), variable color temperature white (2800k to 6500k) and as an LED UV Black Light.

The BRICKBLASTER Pro's unique features include a patent pending thermal management system, 120 VAC Input, infinite color output, low power consumption, variable beam angles (20, 40, 60, 60x1), rigging in track, yoke, linear or stacked arrayed configurations, full speed 8 and 16 bit DMX and stand alone operation.

Visit to learn more about the BRICKBLASTER Pro family of fixtures or visit The Black Tank at LDI 2011, October 28th-30th in Booth 420 to demo the fixtures and participate in the Free BRICKBLASTER Pro Giveaway.


The Black Tank is an LED fixture manufacturer dedicated to making innovative fixtures that work in a range of applications – including theatrical, TV/film, museum and architectural. The BRICKBLASTER PRO family consists of a variety of compact 50 watt/ 4" cubed LED fixtures that have incredible output and features. The fixtures' unique features include a patent pending thermal management system, customizable LED color options, interchangeable beam angles, DMX or standalone control capabilities and the ability to form linear or stacked arrays.

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