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The Black Tank Fixtures Provide Coverage For CBS News

The Black Tank Fixtures Provide Coverage For CBS News



The BRICKBLASTER Pro provides flicker free, high intensity wall washing capability for the new CBS News set.

Amesbury, MA. – January 19, 2012 - For the design of the new CBS News set in New York, Gotham Scenic (North Bergen, NJ) required a compact yet powerful LED fixture. The BRICKBLASTER Pro RGBW was selected due to its compact size, ability to generate an infinite color spectrum and professional grade DMX dimming. The compact size of the BRICKBLASTER Pro allowed Gotham to hide forty eight fixtures throughout the set, out of view from the cameras, to create high impact color washes on different scenic elements. The BRICKBLASTER Pro Series of LED fixtures are known for being able to fit into impossibly small locations and for disappearing on stage or in permanent installations.

Many professional users have experienced “flickering” when utilizing LED fixtures in applications where video or film will be captured. This undesired effect is due to the low pulse width modulation (PWM) rates used to energize the LEDs in some fixtures. During operation, LEDs are pulsed on and off at high frequency. The PWM rate is the frequency which the LEDs are pulsed - which is generally faster than the human eye can perceive. If the pulse rate is not fast enough the “off” states of the pulse can be captured on video and this undesirable “flickering” effect can be observed. The BRICKBLASTER Pro features one of the fastest PWM rates in the industry, which allows for flicker free operation. The BRICKBLASTER Pro's high PWM rate, full speed DMX control and theatrical grade dimming capabilities make it ideal for use in TV, film, digital video and studio applications.

The Black Tank BRICKBLASTER Pro RGBW is only 4” cubed, 50 watts and can output an amazing 1200 lumens. Their small size, professional feature set and incredible output make them ideal for use in a variety of applications; including concert, theatre, architecture and TV/Film. The BRICKBLASTER Pro is also available as a UV LED black light or as a 3110 lumen output, white light LED fixture which is capable of generating any color temperature between 2800k and 6500k.

The BRICKBLASTER Pro series' unique features include a patent pending thermal management system, 120 VAC Input, infinite color output, low power consumption, variable beam angles (20, 40, 60, 60x1, and asymmetrical), rigging to standard lighting track, yoke, linear or stacked arrayed configurations, full speed 8 and 16 bit DMX and standalone operation.

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The Black Tank ( is an LED fixture manufacturer dedicated to making innovative fixtures that work in a range of applications – including entertainment, theatrical, TV/film, museum and architectural. The BRICKBLASTER PRO family consists of a variety of compact 50 watt/ 4" cubed LED fixtures that have incredible output and features. The fixtures' unique features include a patent pending thermal management system, a variety of LED color options, interchangeable beam angles, DMX or standalone control capabilities and the ability to form linear or stacked arrays.

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