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Big Show Construction Management Creates Award-Winning "Ring Of Fire" For JetBlue Terminal At JFK

Big Show Construction Management Creates Award-Winning "Ring Of Fire" For JetBlue Terminal At JFK

JetBluePassengers arriving at JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK International Airport are intrigued and entertained by a unique ring of video monitors that was designed, engineered and installed by Big Show Construction Management (BSCM), which specializes in managing the creation of themed and interactive spaces. The installation recently won the 2009 Apex Award for Public Spaces at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

Dubbed the "Ring of Fire," the video ring is comprised of 43 40-inch NEC_LCD4020 LCD monitors suspended from the terminal's ceiling in a continuous oval shape. The monitors display digital signage, graphics, animation and videos, which convey marketing and passenger information, including details on flights and promotions for new routes. The video ring is capable of running anything from one large show to up to five smaller simultaneous shows in its sections: Displays can scroll across all 43 screens or up to twenty-two completely different shows can be played in any combination of monitors. Currently, one large show, on a loop, runs about 20 hours a day.

Rockwell Design originally conceived the video ring, which was further developed by Gensler Architects, engineered by BSCM and fabricated by J. Frederick Construction. "We were brought in to provide concepts and budgets for four different kinds of LED and LCD solutions," says BSCM System Engineer Billy Kneissl. "After a demo of the NEC monitors they were selected over LEDs for their resolution and price point."

BSCM did the field surveys, rigging point selection and plotting for the video ring, which was designed by BSCM with Ammann & Whitney the official structural engineers.

BSCM also created 3D models of the entire structure to ensure it would all come together on the first try. "It was essential. There is no second chance with this type of install," notes Kneissl. The ring measures approximately 38x48 feet and weighs about 18,000 lbs. It is suspended by 244 half-inch stainless steel cables from a total of 480 rigging points.

"The ring was assembled in the terminal space on saw horses," he explains. "BSCM engineered rigging towers which were built around the ring to lift it into its proper position 18 feet above the floor." Project management and site supervision for BSCM was done by Rod Hickey.

BSCM also designed the AV system and its content and control programming. The video ring is run by 22 Logic Supply AOpen DE945 small-form PCs which are networked by Ethernet and fiber over Netgear switches. Playback software is Dataton's WATCHOUT. Scheduling and device control is by Aurora Multimedia's WACI NX+.

BSCM is now developing content for JetBlue's "Ring of Fire."

About Big Show Construction Management

Specializing in managing the creation of themed and interactive spaces, Big Show Construction Management (BSCM) has expertise in the design, integration and installation of multimedia environments. The company coordinates the desires of clients and architects with the practical concerns of the general contractor. BSCM's clients include Audi; Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas; Madame Tussaud's, New York City; Sony Wonder Technology Lab, New York City; Thomas Keller's Per Se restaurant in New York City; and Toys 'R Us, New York City. For more information on BSCM email or visit

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