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Beyond the façade of fashion: WATCHOUT wows the crowds at Argentina show-biz gathering

Beyond the façade of fashion: WATCHOUT wows the crowds at Argentina show-biz gathering


Buenos Aires integrator, Gran Ojo pioneers projection mapping with Tigre fashion show design

Helping to celebrate a unique combination of art, culture and fashion, Dataton WATCHOUTâ„¢ was used to drive the audiovisual content for an event at the Tigre Art Museum (MAT) in Buenos Aires province, Argentina.

Local systems integrator Gran Ojo had already successfully used WATCHOUT to assist in the projection-mapping of buildings, so when the company was asked to design a backdrop for the Tigre ‘Moda Show' at the town's celebrated museum, the decision to adopt the same methods was not a difficult one.

Maria C.Micelli of Gran Ojo takes up the story: “Our brief was to make an opening video that would animate the historic façade of the museum. The theme of the fashion show was ‘care is in vogue' and its purpose – as well as to showcase the work of local and national fashion designers – was to raise awareness of AIDS and its consequences.

“So visually we used references to health issues as well as imagery relating to fashion and to some of the historic paintings housed in the museum. Last but not least, since the building is surrounded by water, we also added effects that simulated the impact of water on surfaces.”

After taking multiple photographs and measurements of the museum's façade and making the appropriate distance calculations to take into account projection throw, Gran Ojo combined a variety of still images from the museum's archive with its own graphic collateral to create animated 3D movies that would bring the building to life in colorful, impactful and compelling ways.

“We use a range of programs including After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Maya and AutoCAD,” reveals Micelli. “But the key that locks all these disciplines together and bonds them to the architectural backdrop is WATCHOUT. It allows us to alter the brightness and color temperature of each projected image, to adjust their geometry, shape and opacity, and to synchronize them with other media such as audio and text.”

The result, according to Micelli, wowed both fashionistas and technology fans alike. “The show attracted show-business personalities from all over Argentina and was broadcast in real time by the C5N Network. Everyone who saw the show was amazed by the effects created by WATCHOUT, and it was a fantastic showcase for our skills.”

Fredrik Svahnberg, Marketing Director, Dataton, concludes: “Projection mapping is still in its infancy and we continue to be amazed at what our integrator partners are doing with WATCHOUT. Gran Ojo is a pioneering company that is bringing these techniques to new audiences in Latin America, and we are delighted to be working with such energetic, committed and creative people.”


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