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Belgrade's Palilula Theatre refit with ShowTex Stage Molton

Belgrade's Palilula Theatre refit with ShowTex Stage Molton

stage molton showtexShowTex supplied all new stage curtains for Studio Berar's total upgrade at Palilula Cultural Centre and theatre in Belgrade.

Studio Berar is the region's exclusive dealer for some of the most trusted brands of professional audio, lighting, video projection, LED, staging construction, and trussing systems equipment. ShowTex partnered with Studio Berar for the custom manufacture of durable black flameproof stage Molton backdrops, borders, and legs for masking the stage at the Palilula venue.

The backdrop, measuring nearly 200m2 is certified M1 according to the strictest European flame retardant standard. Molton theatre fabric is one of the most common materials used for fixed theatre installations and temporary staging applications. Manufactured from an opaque, brushed cotton cloth, stage Molton is an economical alternative to wool. High quality in house sewing, quick delivery times, and range of stage fabrics and motion systems offering good value for money are just some of the reasons Studio Berar, one of the main technical advisors for the Palilula refit, relied on ShowTex for the job.

The renovation focused on an upgraded lighting installation, dimming unit, and control system. The main lights came from the Source Four family range by ETC Lighting. Known for easy handling and application along with quick replacement of HPL bulbs, these lights save 25-40% on energy when compared to traditional light bulbs. Cyclorama fixtures were supplied by DeSisti Lighting, follow spot fixtures by LYCIAN, and dimming units are wall-mounted ETC SmartPack models. Studio Berar installed the ETC Element control desk for overall light control and finished off the new stage installation with Chainmaster rigging motors.

ShowTex is a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing, selling, and installing the most innovative flame retardant curtain fabrics, tracks, and motion control systems for achieving the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.

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