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A Beacon Of Light Installation In Dublin

A Beacon Of Light Installation In Dublin

Remember the hovering UFO we covered last year here, created by New York artist Peter Coffin and Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio? Well, Harris tells me there are more flights planned for this year, but in the meantime, he has just completed a collaboration with Chris O'Shea on a lighting installation currently on exhibit at Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin and headed soon to London. It is an interactive kinetic lighting piece featuring emergency beacon lights adapted for full 4-channel DMX control.


The array of emergency beacon lights interacts with visitors and tracks their movement through the space. The lights themselves have had their internal parts replaced with custom hardware, enabling the rotation of the reflector and lamp brightness to be individually controlled. Thermal imaging cameras in the space track the participants' movement in realtime, and the system is managed by a bespoke control system that uses tracking information from the cameras to coordinate an interactive behavior. Engineering for the installation is by White Wing Logic.

See their video here.

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