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Barco Is In The (Molson) House

Barco Is In The (Molson) House

(Photo by Bart Stevens/Barco)

The Molson Canadian Hockey House (MCHH) in Vancouver is one of the main spots hockey fans will flock to check out all the games for the duration of the Winter Olympics. It's basically a massive tent with a loungy setup inside, complete with a stage that will accommodate performances and presentations with hockey MVPs for the next two weeks, including a Wayne Gretsky Tribute Day on February 19.

Barco provided quite a bit of gear to the interior of the MCHH, including several projectors (two FLM HD20s, two CLM R10+ projectors, one FLM R22+ with an orbital head) and quite a few automated fixtures from the company's High End Systems division (six Showbeams, six Showguns, and two DML 1200s), plus control via a Full Boar console and media via FLM R22+ with arena view and three Axon Media Servers that drive the DML 1200s.

MCHH truss detail (Photo by Bart Stevens/Barco)

Check out at artist's rendering flythrough of the MCHH here. Stay tuned, as we'll talk with programmer Ziggy Cwierdzinski of Westbury National Show Systems about the venue and stage setup.

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