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Barco Announces Ten New Products at Partner Meeting

Barco Announces Ten New Products at Partner Meeting

I returned Tuesday from a trip to Colorado's Copper Mountain Resort, where Barco held its annual rental partner meeting, this year for the first time with High End Systems, which Barco acquired last year. Representatives (including leadership, R+D, sales, marketing, and product management folks) were there from five distinct areas to introduce new products: creative lighting, projectors, image processing, creative LED, and LED screens.

high-end.jpgIn creative lighting, products presented from the High End Systems division included demos of the Showgun 2.5 and the Showbeam 2.5 (a wash version of the Showgun 2.5), both on the analog lighting side. For digital lighting, the DML-1200 (and Mediawing) and DL.3 features were highlighted. New to image processing is the FSN series of multi-format production switchers. For LED screens, Barco launched the CX-12 outdoor display and the TF-16 BK modular outdoor display (some of which were hanging outside to greet skiers with nice contrast in the brightness of day). The newest projectors include a 110V version of the CLM single-ship DLP and the NW-12 for fixed installations.


By perhaps my favorite (no endorsements here, just neat stuff) is FLX, the newest creative LED product line. This is more of a system than one product that includes individual LED pixels that are combined to create any shape and come in 24mm or 60mm diameters. Accessories help create shapes: panels, strips, spaced curtain-type arrangement, and even a snake carrier for a bicycle chain look.

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