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Bandits Celebrate Momentous Anniversaries at Annual General Meeting

Bandits Celebrate Momentous Anniversaries at Annual General Meeting

Steve Hoover jrsander.JPGNASHVILLE, TENNESSEE- During the recent Annual General Meeting, two Bandit Lites employees, JR Sander and Steve Hoover, celebrated milestone anniversaries, having been with the company for 20 and 30 years, respectively.

Sander had been on the road for twelve years with another production company when he joined Bandit Lites’ staff in 1992 as the warehouse manager. From there he evolved from developing an inventory system to general manager. Today he has settled into his position as a client representative.

After amassing memories that include Aerosmith, Garth Brooks, Queen and ZZ Top, Sander is quick to quote the old saying, “Find a job you like and you will never work a day in your life.”

“After 20 years, I feel like I’m just getting started, as every year brings on new relationships and challenges,” said Sander. “But that’s the best part of working at Bandit: We are one big family, and we take care of each other.”

“JR Sander is a phenomenal team member and a great friend,” said Bandit chair, Michael Strickland. “JR and I have known one another 25 years, and he is such a positive influence in business, and in life, that he affects everyone he comes into contact with. Once you have worked with JR, you look forward to the next job. I look forward to 20 more great years with JR.”

In 1982, Hoover was working as a sound technician with rock band Point Blank when he crossed paths with Blackfoot’s business-savvy lighting designer, Michael Strickland, and was struck by his professional attitude in a rock and roll environment.

“He was a business man in a business where there were no business men,” said Hoover. “We had chosen this career, and we have had alike goals ever since.”

Hoover has worked as a lighting director, lighting crew chief and production manager for countless bands during his thirty years with Bandit.

“I have been luckier than most,” said Hoover, who is currently working with Jimmy Buffett, a tour he cites as one of his favorites. “With too many tours, you meet a group of people who become lifelong friends, but you never know if the tour is going to have the one hit and never find that magic again.”

“Steve Hoover and I are friends first and co-workers second,” explained Strickland. “Steve is obviously a very old line Bandit, and our mutual memory banks are overloaded. We have shared the road, and the office, for an entire career. Steve is an irreplaceable part of the Bandit family. Steve and I both pray we get another 20 years together, but at our age you never know; thank you Steve and I love this guy!”

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