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Bandit Produces The Greenest Bonnaroo Yet!

Bandit Produces The Greenest Bonnaroo Yet!

wsp-bonnaroo.jpg widespread-2011.JPGThe 2011 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee was the Greenest one yet! Bandit Lites delivered very Green systems for both the main and the second stage at this world-class event.

Production Guru Hadden Hipsley of Lambda Productions once again called on Bandit Lites to serve as prime lighting contractor for the three-day arts and music festival that is always the event of the summer. Bandit's Dizzy Gosnell worked with Hadden, Leslie Radigan, Joel Carmichael, Steve Drymalski, AC Entertainment, Superfly Productions and Coran Capshaws Red Light Management to provide the artists with their illumination needs at the award-winning event.

Artists at the 2011 Bonnaroo included Widespread Panic, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Arcade Fire, Buffalo Springfield, My Morning Jacket, Mumford and Sons, The Strokes, Primus, Robert Plant and The Band of Joy, The Black Keys, Galactic, Wiz Khalifa, The Decemberists, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Warren Haynes Band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Alison Krauss & Union Station, and many others.

The second stage was almost entirely green this year, with a plethora of LED gear on hand. The base wash was provided by the patented GRN 6 Lamp Bars, each containing six GRNLite PARs. Each PAR is the same intensity as a normal 1000 watt PAR but with no heat produced and little power consumed. The moving wash light was the GRN Moving Wash fixture, again with no heat and little power consumption. The audience was lit with eight GRN 8 Lights also keeping in the ecofriendly vein. There were a handful of VL 3000 Washes and MAC 2000 Spots to round out the look and provide a bit of imagery. The entire affair was controlled by two Road Hog Full Boar consoles. The system ran off such little power an entire generator was removed from the show in planning stages as the power demand was lessened.

The main stage was a unified design that met the core needs of most acts on the stage. In addition to MAC III's, MAC 2000 Washes, VL 3000 Washes and Atomic Strobes, there were 60 GRN Batten fixtures providing a monster stage wash. Lil Wayne LD Dan Boland and PM Curtis Battles worked with Bandit to bring in Pixelines, Atomic Strobes and MAC 2000 Beams for their portion of the show. The same team of Boland and Battles also steered the Eminem show and supplemented with more Pixielines, more GRN Battens, VL 3000 Washes, Atomic Strobes and 8 Lights. The strokes supplemented with additional MAC III's and additional GRN Battens. Grand MA's were the console of choice.

Above and beyond the GRNLite gear onsite, three large Bandit touring clients were on the show, each bringing and setting up their own GRN system. The biggest by far was Widespread Panic on Sunday night with a huge system designed by LD Paul Hoffman. Brought in special for the show were Bandit 36 Lamp Pods custom fitted with 20M Clay Paky LED Curtain and Bandit 5x5 Blasters for a very unique effect on stage. Flown in the air were several Syncrolite Arena Lites. The base system was composed of curved vertical trusses each full of GRNLite PARs , GLP Impressions, MAC 2000 Beams and VL 3000 Spots.

The reunited Buffalo Springfield with long time Neil Young LD Keith Wissmar at the helm carried an old school, all GRN system that fit the band to a T. The vivid washes achieved by an all LED system harkened back to 1968, the last time the band played together. Wissmar had 4 16' crank up towers, each with 8 GRNLite PARs. The backdrop was illuminated with 24 GRN Washes, while there were a number of GRN Battens providing cross stage floor light. The trademark Wissmar Plastic bejeweled lamp hung over Neil's organ, and four MAC 2000 Profiles did some imaging. A custom backdrop resplendent with the Springfield tractor hung in the rear. The band worked its way through 2 hours of timeless hits as Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay brought back the 60's full tilt.

Lastly, powerhouse rocker Robert Plant and The Band of Joy carried their own GRN system, designed by Chris Lisle. When you combined all of the different green LED products on site at Bonnaroo, 2011 was by far the Greenest show yet! The event continues to be on the forefront of the environment and every year the commitment grows. Bandit Lites is very proud to be a part of that journey!

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