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Bandit Lites Rocks Historic Tennessee Theatre with 10 Years

Bandit Lites Rocks Historic Tennessee Theatre with 10 Years

10years2.jpgKNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – Alternative metal band 10 Years returned to their roots for a concert that combined new and classic elements for one astounding show. Held on December 29, 2012, the event featured two sets from the band: an acoustic set with a string trio and the fist-pumping heavy metal portion their fans know and love from their most recent album, Minus the Machine.

Acclaimed lighting designer Will Twork has been designing concerts for over forty years, almost thirty of which has been with Bandit Lites. Previous acts heralding Twork’s designs include KISS, Aerosmith, Motorhead and Mötley Crüe. For 10 Years’ concert at the Historic Tennessee Theatre, Twork focused on the music for inspiration, drawing on dark musicality that pervades most of 10 Years’ songs.

“I spent a week prior to even setting up any lights listening to the music to formulate ideas in my head,” said Twork. “I wanted to accent the vibe of the song; how I visually saw it in my head.”

Twork also took into account how the artists visualized music. “They don’t like a lot of front light,” said Twork, “so I kept the front light pretty minimal and concentrated on the upstage stuff.”

Equipment used included Martin 2k Profiles, Bandit Lites’ moving wash lights and a whole Hog 2 console with a wing.

For the lighting design, Twork looked to using the ground support in the theatre instead of truss. The lights were at staggering heights for timber, while interchanging truss sections crossed the back of the stage with the Martin 2k Profiles on the top. House electrics were used to hang the wash lights.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with 10 Years the last two years,” said Brent Barrett, Bandit Lites’ business development officer. “Their two-set show at the Tennessee Theatre was a great demonstration of the phenomenal range of talent they possess. Will did a wonderful job of complementing their music with lighting, and we look forward to continuing to provide lighting for 10 Years at each stage of what is certain to be a long and successful career.”

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