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Bandit Lites' Andy Knighton Nominated for Parnelli Award

Bandit Lites' Andy Knighton Nominated for Parnelli Award


Knoxville, Tennessee – September 25, 2012 – Andy Knighton has been nominated for Lighting Designer of the Year for his work on Rascal Flatts’ "Changed" tour. The Parnelli Awards recognize the event industry’s brightest visionaries and innovators, on both an individual and company scale.

“Any time your peers appreciate your work and you, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment,” said Knighton of the nomination. “I like to look at this more as a reward for a long and dedicated career more so than one particular design.”

Rascal Flatts’ tour kicked off in June and will run through October 27. Knighton describes being a part of the Rascal Flatts’ team a “thrill,” citing that excitement as a source of inspiration for the lighting design. “This of course is just one of many designs, again, created by many strong and creative people; so the unique and positive input can't help but produce a quality product,” Knighton said.

While Knighton is touched by the nomination for his contribution on the tour, he credits his success to the network of people he has met through the years. He described the tour as a collaborative project unmatched in the industry, citing the skills of film producer Shawn Silva, set designer and show producer Mike Swinford and lighting designer and television designer and producer, Bob Peterson, respectfully. “These guys are amazing and allow me the freedom in inputting my ‘chops,’ and then editing and refining,” said Knighton.

Bandit Lites, nominated as well for Lighting Company of the Year, is proud to work with Knighton and congratulates him on his well-deserved nomination. “Andy brings an energy and excitement to work every day and I know with complete confidence he will put 100 percent into any project he undertakes,” said Mike Golden, vice-president of Bandit.

Ultimately, Knighton acknowledges his passion for the work as his main source of motivation saying, “Passion is probably the biggest entity for inspiration. You’ve got to still care about what you do in order to continue.”

Voting for the Parnelli Awards ends September 30. Votes can be cast at

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