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Bandit Continues to GRN the World!

Bandit Continues to GRN the World!

href='' class='thickbox' >heart-live.jpgblue-october.JPGAs 2010 heads toward a conclusion, Bandit Lites continues to move toward a 100% LED solution, as is their focus. The very fact that the business and indeed the world must find suitable, energy efficient, sustainable illumination solutions has been driving the staff at Bandit for almost 2 years now. There have been a great many developments and paradigm shifts within Bandit and within the lighting industry. Everywhere you look you see more and more LED solutions coming into the market, and no one is dong more in that area to lead by example than Bandit Lites. The development of a new product range in conjunction with Oak Ridge National Labs (ORNL) and GRNLite has proved to be beneficial to Bandit. Bandit has also worked with Phillips – Vari-Lite, Tyler Truss, GLP, Coemar, Color Kinetics, Pixel Range, Element Labs, Chroma Q, I-Pix and others to bring a wide array of LED offerings to the market. 2011 will see a big commitment from Bandit Lites to I-Pix and their high quality range of products, helping move with them into the new decade.

This fall saw several artists begin the move to a GRN solution. Ageless rockers Ann and Nancy Wilson, otherwise known as Heart, worked with long time lighting director Dale Doucette to rock the world with a large LED system. Dale chose to use over 40 GRNLite 3-54 Battens as his primary wash look, and from there he added MAC 2000 Spots and MAC 2000 Washes on a massive overhead Thomas grid. The show was controlled an a pair of Compulite Vector Red consoles. Tour Manger Bill Cracknell gracefully guided the girls around the globe through the year, selling out along the way! Bandit VP Michael Golden was the contact for Heart.

Veteran English rockers Tears For Fears hit the road in 2010 with LD Chaz Martin at the helm. Martin, know for his work with REM, Jewel, Leonard Cohen, Cowboy Junkies and others, was as creative as ever with this endeavor, his third with the band. Tour Manger JB Blot was the ever-present captain of the ship as the show wondered endlessly around the globe. Martin used the incredibly bright new GRNLite 3-120 Moving Wash Light, GRN 3-36 PARs, Atomic Strobes and a Jands Echelon console to control the lot. While the system was compact, the effect was dynamic and the power consumption and heat on stage were minimal, as is the case with LED technology. Brent Barrett was the responsible Bandit for the show.

Hard grinding Houston, Texas band Blue October went GRN this year with the new GRNLite 3-120 Moving Wash. This is the brightest LED moving wash on the market and it features RBG and white, unlike most other fixtures. Lighting director Andrew Polansky has to run the fixtures at 70% most of the time as they are so intense. Polansky absolutely loves the fixtures and adds more every leg of the tour as the power group grows. Blue October is destined to be huge stars very soon. Tour manager Alan Adams and production manager Travis Hatem are part of a very polished, professional team that is taking the band to new heights, and they worked with Michael Golden throughout the year.

Long time environmentally conscience band Guster hooked up with Bandit and Brent Barrett in 2010 to go GRN. Designer Jeff Lavallee came to Bandit for a dynamic LED solution, and Guster ended up with the GRNLite 3-120 Moving Washes and GRN PAR 3-36 fixtures. A Thomas floor tower system with arched trusses adorns the floor and VL 2500 Spots provide the hard edge look. Lavallee's console of choice is the Grand MA. The tour lighting director is Paul Holst, tour manager is Jason Hecht and production manager is Gordon Reddy. Guster leader Adam Gardner and his wife founded the environmental organization Reverb, and they work regularly to Green tours worldwide. Bandit is very proud to be working with Guster on this endeavor and hope to work together on many endeavors to spread the word of the importance of LED and other sources of illumination that are important to the earth.

Bandit is very please to have helped these and a host of other artist begin their move toward GRN in 2010, and look forward to working with the industry to continue the shift to LED based fixtures as the world continues to evolve. The low power consumption, lack of heat generated, reduced cable needs and reduced repair time all translates into huge savings for the artist, the promoter and the earth. All in all, this is the right thing to do, and Bandit continues to lead the way!

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Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace. From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. With offices in Knoxville, Nashville, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Bandit's global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you.

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