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AVT Event Technologies and Encore Productions with Vivien

AVT Event Technologies and Encore Productions with Vivien

viviencolor.jpgCAST Software Ltd., AVT Event Technologies and Encore Productions announce that Vivien will be their company-wide standard software solution for conceiving, designing, selling, managing, and producing stunning events. AVT Event Technologies and Encore Productions are divisions of Dallas based Freeman. Freeman's Canadian division, AVW-TELAV, rolled out the Vivien Standard mid-2010. AVT and Encore commence their rollout of the Vivien Standard effective immediately. CAST will also supply training and tech support.

Vivien2011 is an intuitive, 2D / 3D event design and sales software designed for the full spectrum of event professionals who work in the special events and meetings industry. Computer skills can range from novice to highly advanced. It empowers our users to be more professional, more productive, and more profitable. By making use of its wide array of tools, onboard Wizards, or by importing/exporting files in a variety of formats (including Google SketchUp, AutoCAD) and with PDFs and jpgs, it doesn't take long to create a layout and selling document with really virtually real previsualizations that can be shared with the whole project team online, by email, or by web conference.

AVT and Encore will also get the most current Vivien Library of thousands of industry-used items, along with unlimited colors, styles and textures, and which also contains an extensive electronic catalogue of the hottest new manufacturer items from brands like CORT Event Furnishings – now with the new Lounge 22 line, Fantastic Backdrops, Rose Brand fabrics, and AFR Event Furnishings. Vivien's partnership with the growing number of industry-renown manufactures means AVT and Encore will have instant access to key information about the newest, hottest items – essentially an electronic catalogue! Our discipline and frequent additions means we deliver reality so your work can be really virtually real!

New in Vivien2011 is the added capability to use Vivien's video tools and a 3D mouse to capture a walk-through of a virtual event. Make it easy for your clients to picture themselves in the event you designed for them. Point out your customizing to the client's specs. Show them the benefit of upgrading. Make notes for the project team. They can download it like you do a video via the Internet.

AVT's Senior Vice President, Jon Zilligen, who spearheaded AVT's evaluation and pilot testing program, says “We feel that Vivien is a fantastic tool for quick and simple 2D room layouts plus its 3D and visualization capabilities. Our decision to step up to Vivien2010 was made easier because it imports AutoCAD files so we will be using our existing library of drawings to create our Vivien library.”

Bruce Freeman, Chairman of CAST Software says, “We've worked with AVT on a smaller scale for some time and are absolutely delighted by their vote of confidence in being selected to become the new Standard for AVT and Encore – both companies have stellar reputations in our industry. These are great companies with great people who consistently earn great respect in the US marketplace. Management understands the importance of delivering the leading-edge tool plus the training that equips their team to be more competitive, more successful. Vivien's powerful visualizations will certainly reinforce and support their position as being the leading provider of audio visual and staging services.”

About Freeman

Freeman ( is the world's leading provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing events, including expositions, conventions, corporate events and exhibits. Customer driven, Freeman and its supporting divisions, offers a total package of solutions to customers, with a scope of products and services unmatched by the competition. By empowering our employees to make educated, strategic decisions, Freeman delivers reliable, consistent problem-solving solutions that our customers have come to rely on. With 40 offices in North America, Freeman produces more than 3,000 expositions annually, including 107 of the largest 200 U.S. trade shows, and more than 10,000 other events worldwide. The company has received numerous awards recognizing outstanding efforts in industry leadership, customer service excellence, creative design, community service, innovation and customer-driven partnerships.

About AVT Event Technologies

AVT Event Technologies (AVT) ( is the leading provider of unique, creative and technically innovative in-house audiovisual services for hotels, conference centers and resorts throughout the United States. Owned by The Freeman Company, the world's leading provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing events, including expositions, conventions, corporate events, and exhibits of all sizes, AVT partners with hotels and event planners to develop optimum ways to deliver event experiences with maximum impact utilizing cutting-edge technology. With state-of-the-art equipment and hospitality-minded, technology professionals, AVT sets the event technology pace for all competitors in the industry.

About Encore Productions

Encore Productions ( was founded in the fall of 1988 by Phil Cooper, Bill Dayton and Larry Lee to provide high-quality, high-value production and staging services to corporate and entertainment clients. The company has enjoyed dynamic growth from the beginning, rated as one of the fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine for three years in a row. We have produced and staged multi-million dollar shows across the country and around the world. The company has also been honored with dozens of awards for innovative film and video production, and has been named Producer of the Year for three consecutive years by the International Communications Industries Association. Encore consists of two core businesses. Our Production Department includes every production discipline, including theme development, scripting, on-line editing, off-line editing, 2D and 3D graphics, and video crews - all areas of show or video production, helmed by top professionals in the field. Working in perfect tandem with this area is our Audio/Visual and Tradeshow Department with one of the largest rental inventories in the industry, allowing us to pass on considerable saving to our clients. Currently Encore Productions employs over 300 personnel in our corporate headquarters, as well as in 14 major hotels and resorts in the Las Vegas area.

About CAST Software

Since 1994, Toronto Canada-based CAST Software's development strategy has been to build robust, reliable comprehensive software tools for entertainment industry professionals to become more creative and efficient. wysiwyg is the powerful, adaptable previsualization software that has become indubitably the industry standard. In 2005, CAST launched Vivien – Virtual Event Designer, the “new and better way” for event planners, designers, caterers, venues and others in the meetings and special events industry to design and plan. By this year's end, CAST will also launch BlackTrax, a revolutionary motion tracking system for people and objects, which operates in realtime with CAST's game-changing BlackBox technology that is changing the future of production as we know it, giving creative and production professionals across the entertainment industry an ally to excel at the art of Entertainment.

For more information on Vivien and other CAST Software products, visit

CAST Software, 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1.416.597.2278. Fax: +1.416.597.9594.

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