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Avolites Controls Johnny Rotten in America

Avolites Controls Johnny Rotten in America

A brand new Avolites Pearl Expert is the lighting control console of choice on the long awaited North American tour of Public Image Ltd. (PiL). Theatrical Media Services (TMS) of Omaha is supplying the Pearl Expert for the six-week tour, which kicked off in Los Angeles this month.

TMS has specialized in complete event production and state-of-the-art lighting for over 20 years. The company's principal partners have worked in entertainment production since the early Eighties. "The new Avo Pearl Expert is small with plenty of balls," says TMS Vice-President, Mark Huber. "The new Titan software represents a real leap forward for Avo. PiL needed a desk with plenty of horsepower yet compact and reliable. The Pearl Expert fits the bill perfectly.

"Our new Pearl came from TMB, a supplier of ours since the early days," adds Mark. "Now TMB are the exclusive distributor; we expect great things for Avolites in the States: Once people get their hands on an Avo desk, they become loyal fans. The new software is icing on the cake; it really brings Avo into the 21st Century, while retaining that familiar Avo feel."

PiL Lighting Designer, Stephen Abbiss concurs: "I've used plenty of lighting desks and the Pearl Expert has the best power-to-size ratio. It bridges a traditional `feel' with high-tech functionality, in a compact package. We use a lot of local spots and washes on this tour. Swapping or increasing fixtures is no problem with the Expert, thanks to Avo's really useful Fixture Exchange feature. I've programmed the entire show and look forward to downloading it onto the new Tiger Touch, another new desk which has traditional Avolites architecture but designed for today's and tomorrow's market. Both desks utilize the remarkable new Titan software."

The PiL North American tour ends in New York, May 19. Production Manager is Richard `Wez' Wearing.

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