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AV Buddy Pro for the iPad

AV Buddy Pro for the iPad

Ive made a Advanced version of 'AV Buddy' for the iPad called 'AV Buddy Pro'. Providing termination practices / training for Audio & Visual connectors. Site Survey forms with the ability to take site photos and gather information on site. Then save, print or send via email. A control section for general training and understanding on how different AV control equipment function. Lots more AV calculators including speaker spacing, DMX address, SPL at distance and Height and Width screen calculator. The iPad version also includes a 2 test videos, 1 for video and 1 for left and right audio with a timer. Also includes training sections for displays, speakers, aspect ratios and much more. Please check it out on the app store. Thank you.

To navigate to AV Buddy Pro's home page click HERE




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