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'AV Buddy' Audio Visual iPhone App

'AV Buddy' Audio Visual iPhone App

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AV Buddy is a essential information and calculation tool which will assist your Audio Visual needs. Including Pinouts, charts, cut lengths, Diagrams, Clear AV Connector photos, Descriptions, AV Calculations. Each connector has a description with useful information.

Visual Connections: BNC- With cable diagram and cut lengths, COMPOSITE - includes colour coding for various equipment, DVI - With Various DVI type diagrams and pinouts, HDMI - Includes a version comparison chart, SVIDEO - 4,7 and 9 pins, VGA - Pinouts and diagram, F-CONNECTOR - Includes common coax cable diameters.

Audio Connections: 3.5 + 6.5 JACK - with stereo and mono diagrams, XLR - includes 3 & 4 pin pinouts, SPEAKON - connections and diagram, RCA - Different audio colour connection.


Networks: RJ45 - Diagrams for TypeA, TypeB and crossover, RS-232 - Diagram and description.

Plus: Resolution chart - showing various display resolutions for quick reference with size comparison, Resolution chart 2- showing various display resolutions for quick reference, Speakers - Diagrams for parallel, series and series/parallel connections. Also includes max speaker wire lengths, Aspect Ratios - Popular height to width ratio's, Decibels - Decibel comparison diagram, Mic Polar Patterns - Displays 7 mic polar patterns with decibels, Displays - infomation / description on popular displays.


Projector throw - Calculator for a projector throw distance including over 750 projectors.

Projector throw 2 - Calculator for a projectors throw distance with manual zoom ratio input.

Screen diagional - Tool for working out the diagonal

measurement for a screen/ display.

Image height - Calculate the required height of a display depending on the kind of presentation.

Viewer Text - By measuring the text height on a display. Calculate how far away the farthest viewer should be.

Same impedance - series - A impedance calculator for speakers connected in series.

Different impedance - parallel - A impedance calculator for speakers with difference impedance connected in parallel.

Same impedance - parallel - A impedance calculator for speakers connected in parallel.

Ohms Law - Calculations for Power, Current, Resistance and Voltage.

Heat Load - Calculate the total heat load of a AV system.

Conversion Calculator - Convert between units for Length, Illumination and Mass.

AV Buddy will become your easy and informative tool to use every day.

Check it out on the Apple App store here

or on the 'AV Buddy' home page here

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