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ATM Fly-Ware Introduces New Audio Solutions at InfoComm 2012

ATM Fly-Ware Introduces New Audio Solutions at InfoComm 2012

New Rigging Solutions Cater to a Range of Permanent Applications

LAS VEGAS, JUNE 13, 2012 - ATM Fly-Ware, a division of Adaptive Technologies Group and the world's leading designer of certified, pre-engineered professional loudspeaker-rigging systems for permanent installations and live performances, debuts several new audio-rigging solutions at InfoComm 2012 (Booth C9547), including its JBL VLA 601 Line Array systems, Gimballed Beam Clamps, Swivel Structural Beam Clamps and Steerables Tilt Cable Kit

"ATM Fly-Ware is proud to showcase its latest rigging solutions for model-specific and general applications," says Paul Allen, president, Adaptive Technologies Group. "As the live sound and permanent install industries evolve, ATM Fly-Ware is committed to following suit by providing multiple rig options for a range of applications."

atm-fly-ware-vla-line-array-system.jpgATM Fly-Ware's JBL VLA 601 Line Array System, available in shallow, medium and steep tilts, is a complete high-strength, load-rated line array permanent rigging system. It is specifically designed to quickly and safely connect, aim and fly the VLA601 model cabinets without adding significant weight. Its universal overhead grid offers multiple, front-to-back and left-to-right suspension points, which provide ample shallow-cluster down-tilt control capabilities. These capabilities are especially useful when hoisting and leveling clusters into place with winches. The system features two preset fixed-angle brackets, available from zero to ten degrees in one-degree increments, in the back of the cabinet. These allow users to set the down angle between cabinets in order to shape the line array cluster to meet the specific needs of the venue. The system is also available for JBL's VLA901 model; stepping from the VLA601 to the VLA901 is easily accommodated by way of an innovative step/lock kit.

atm-fly-ware-gimballed-beam-clamp.jpgPart of ATM Fly-Ware's Beam-Ware line, the Gimballed Beam Clamp is an overhead fastener that maintains its maximum working load at different angles. It is available in three adjustable sizes, BC3-8-GE for three- to eight-inch wide beam flanges, BC7-12-GE for seven- to 12-inch wide beam flanges and the BC12-18-GE for beam flanges from 12- to 18-inches wide. Loads can be suspended from any angle, up to 20 degrees off center, with the rigging maintaining a constant working load. Traditional beam clamps have a fixed or swivel eye bolt that achieves its maximum strength only when its load is suspended vertically. When the load is moved off center, the Gimballed Beam Clamp has the capability to side load, as the eye bolt swivels within the clamps channel in any direction. When the swiveling eye bolt reaches its maximum rotation of 20 degrees, the working load is reduced at a much shallower rate, making this clamp a much more predictable rigging device.

atm-fly-ware-beam-clamps.jpgSwivel Structural Beam Clamps are time-saving rigging solutions that provide a safe and load-rated method of securing loudspeakers with pan and tilt adjustments. Once anchored to a beam, these clamps provide a simple and reliable method for aiming loudspeakers and other objects. Swivel Beam Clamps can be secured to a building's overhead structural beams, steel or wood, for widths ranging from three- to 12-inch (76- to 305-mm). Its lower suspension arm, which rotates 360 degrees for precise aiming, is available in a variety of lengths to suit the needs of any installation. Swivel Beam Clamps support a variety of rigging and mounting options, including ATM Fly-Ware's AJ Series of adjustable U-Brackets, fixed-length wire rope suspensions and its newest Steerables Tilt Cable Kits.

The Steerables Tilt Cable Kit is a new general purpose, complete loudspeaker suspension and aiming solution. Its versatile aircraft cable and pulley design allows installers to secure loudspeakers from an overhead grid structure or other suspension devices, then quickly and precisely tilt them into position using the adjustable pull-back feature. Loudspeakers and other objects can be suspended at the top of the cabinet to achieve slight down-tilt angles or be suspended from the back of the cabinet to achieve a steeper down-tilt angle. At the center of the design are clutch-lock and pulley mechanisms, which provide the pull-back cable with an in?nite range of locking-tilt angles. Two ?xed cables provide all of the necessary structural support, while the pull-back cable sets the tilt angle. Standard and custom-length ?xed cables are offered for a wide variety of applications. All Steerables Tilt Cable Kits are equipped with each of the necessary components for installation, providing an out-of the-box rigging solution.

About Adaptive Technologies Group

Adaptive Technologies Group combines the talents and disciplines of Allen Products, ATM Fly-ware and Adaptive Video Walls and Displays, and offers state-of-the-art rigging and mounting solutions for a wide range of audio and video applications. Adaptive's combined divisions are a major resource worldwide by way of the design, development and manufacturing of professionally installed AV mounting and rigging equipment. Each brand offers its own standard and unique time-saving solutions, plus unlimited custom products for any venue or application.

In addition to providing a wide selection of popular mounting and rigging solutions, Adaptive is a major resource for hundreds of commonly used and often hard to find rigging hardware and fastener items, including metric sizes. Based in Signal Hill, California, all overhead products and parts are made and assembled in the USA.

ATM Fly-Ware is the world's leading designer of certified, pre-engineered professional loudspeaker rigging systems for permanent installations and live performances. Allen Products is a leading designer and supplier of universal fit standard, custom and OEM loudspeaker mounts, mounting loudspeakers to walls, ceilings, under balconies, to poles and vertical columns. Adaptive Video Walls and Displays is the premier provider of innovative interlocking wall, ceiling and floor mounted video wall frames and flyable video wall assemblies for multiple narrow bezel LCD, LED and plasma monitors.

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