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Atlanta Rigging Receives Two Parnelli Awards

Atlanta Rigging Receives Two Parnelli Awards

Jason Aldean TourAtlanta Rigging Systems achieved double honors at the 10th Annual Parnelli Awards, held during LDI last week in Las Vegas. The Georgia based rigging company were awarded both Rigging Company of the Year and also Best Staging Gear for their new ARS Flying V Trolley System.

The remarkable Flying V Trolley system, controlled by Kinesys Motion Control Systems and Kinesys K2 software, lifts, tracks, and moves any lighting, video, or scenic element. The powered trolley's unique slip-free drive system gives the user greater reliability for performing show cues. Kinesys and K2 guarantees accurate, precise control over the variable speed trolley.

The Kinesys programmable hoist control system is currently on tour with Jason Aldean, moving six combination lighting/video trusses and two large video screens smoothly on a variety of cued show positions. Video screens for the tour are provided by Moo TV of Nashville.

Atlanta Rigging has used Kinesys for many demanding gigs, including the NHL All-Star Game, tours such as Dave Matthews, Brad Paisley, Enrique Iglesias. The trolley has been used on corporate events such as Wal-Mart shareholders meeting to separate and reconfigure video walls in excess of 30 ft. high. The video wall, 20 modules high, needed custom engineered flying hardware to support the weight.

Modern productions demand greater flexibility and control, with no compromise in safety. The powerful Kinesys system makes the most complex interrelated tasks as stress free as possible. “The K2 system's ability to safely control variable speed hoists, winches and trolleys is astonishing,” says Dave Gittens, General Manager of Atlanta Rigging. “Any scenic, lighting, or video element can be flown or tracked, opening up entirely different show looks our clients. Atlanta Rigging Systems' technical staff works with K2 so that the client and creative team can see what is possible, work out real-time moves and really get the effect they want.”

Gittens adds, “We have moved lighting trusses, made scenic pieces double in size, and turned monster LED walls into entry ways for performers and speakers alike. The real beauty of the K2 software is object positioning. It allows the programmer to select and move objects and not be concerned with the mechanics or safety issues of getting it there.

“Not so long ago it was a challenge to safely hang a really heavy rig,” concludes Gittens. “There are more choices than ever for companies who have the inventory to get a rig in the air. That simple fact has driven Atlanta Rigging to take the next step in the evolution of our business and commit heavily to advanced automation in moving virtually anything our clients want moved. The rigs are heavy, the airspace is still conflicted, but now we want to move multiple large elements around, during the show, in front of a large audience, not to mention our customers' clients. K2 does that for us seamlessly.”

Parnelli Awards, named after legendary Production Manager Rick “Parnelli” O'Brien, are awarded based on voting open to all members of the industry.

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