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ArKaos MediaMaster 2.2 Shows Off Its New Curves

ArKaos MediaMaster 2.2 Shows Off Its New Curves

Arkaos MediaMaster 2.2 PRESS RELEASE: Brussels, BE – October 2010 - ArKaos, the world-leading provider of technology for live visual performances, is pleased to announce the release of MediaMaster 2.2. Now with new curved screen technology, it has never been so easy to project video on non-planar surfaces. This new functionality is available as a free upgrade to all user of MediaMaster Pro 2.

MediaMaster is a software solution for professional control of real-time video and effects that has been specifically developed for desk operators and lighting designers.

MediaMaster Pro will turn any powerful computer into a full fledged professional media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light.

More than simply supporting curved screen functionality, the new geometry correction also allows you to correct a single projector mounted in those difficult places where standard keystone correction is not effective. It will also harmonise the output from several projectors which cannot be installed at the same distance or angle to a curved screen.

The geometry correction operates by transforming the output visuals of MediaMaster and so works on top of both MediaMaster Simple and Fixture mode. A test pattern is available to help precisely align the real-time video content over non-planar or curved screens. Edge blending can be edited globally, or individually for either side of each projector.

MediaMaster retains all it's simplicity and user-friendliness, so the operator continues to work in the same way as before. The geometry correction module only acts on the played visuals and is activated with a simple setting in the application preference window.

The output resolution is limited only by the video card used and is compatible with, for example, the Radeonâ„¢ HD 5870 that offers 6 outputs.

The geometric correction itself is very flexible in relation to the number of control points that can be used and the type of correction required: linear, curved or nurb. The displacement can be coarsely moved with the mouse and finely adjusted, pixel by pixel, with the arrow keys of the keyboard.

MediaMaster 2.2 also offers several other improvements, such as better support for multiple monitors. While still running effortlessly on Windows XP and Mac OS X, MediaMaster 2.2 now makes it possible to work with multiple monitors on operating systems that do not support spanning, such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Several new effects have been added including Old Movie, Iris and Geometric Cylindrical Distortion.

Other minor enhancements have been made and are documented in the change logs available in the release notes.

One final piece of good news: all the new, sleek, super-functionality of MediaMaster 2.2 is available at a fraction of the cost of other media servers, making ArKaos MediaMaster the most affordable media server software on the market.

About Arkaos

ArKaos is a world leading developer of real-time visual processing technologies for live visual performance. The company develops visual synthesizers that trigger and manipulate graphic content for display on large screens at concerts, clubs, etc.

Founded in 1996, ArKaos started as a software company but today it also develops the ArKaos A10, a unique hardware media server that delivers an unrivalled performance in speed, effects and manipulation of simultaneous high-definition videostreams.

For more information visit our website at where you can also find your nearest ArKaos dealer.

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