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Apollo, InLight Join Wybron iPhone Apps

Apollo gels and gobos are being added to two popular Wybron iPhone applications, the companies have announced.

More than 1,300 Apollo gobos have joined the Moiré Gobo Library™, and 150 Apollo gels will be integrated into Wybron's award-winning Gel Swatch Library™.

The updated version of the gobo library, available now, also features 500 gobos from InLight Gobos. With the addition of InLight and Apollo, the gobo library now includes more than 3,300 different patterns.

"Thanks for a great tool. I use it all day when helping customers find the right gobo for their production," said JP Gagnon, regional manager for High Output, Inc.'s office in Portland, Maine.

"We are pleased to be working with Wybron on adding Apollo gobos and gel to their iPhone apps," said Apollo President Joel Nichols. "They have taken a leadership position in apps development, and adding Apollo should strengthen that by giving our industry more access to the tools needed to bring productions together on a daily basis."

The updated gel library with the Apollo gels should be released in a week or two.

Customers have been requesting Apollo gels and gobos for some time, said Scott Longberry, Wybron engineer and developer of the iPhone apps.

"We take customer suggestions seriously. I personally read and respond to each feedback e-mail we receive," Longberry said. "We want to make these apps as practical and useful as possible."

InLight Gobos President and Founder Rick Hutton said, "This allows designers to have the tools they need at their fingertips. We thank Keny and Wybron for the great opportunities they bring the industry."

Wybron's Gel Swatch Library was recently named one of Live Design magazine's Products of the Year for 2008-09. It took home an ESTA Member's Choice Award from LDI in October 2008.

The Gel Swatch Library offers more than 1,000 gels from Apollo, GAM, Lee, and Rosco, with SED graphs and CMY/RGB percentages for each color and the ability to compare similar and complimentary colors. The Moiré Gobo Library features more than 3,300 A-size gobos from Apollo, GAM, InLight Gobos, and Lee, with the ability to spin or blur each gobo, or overlap and spin two different gobos with the TwinSpin™ feature.

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