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Apollo Gobo Contest

Apollo Gobo Contest

Apollo Gobo Contest

Well the end of my summer was certainly busy which is why I haven't posted in a while. I got back to California just over a week ago, and things went back into full swing at CalArts at the start of my second year in grad school. I did however get some great news today that I thought I would share. Over the summer while I had some down time at summer stock, I created a few custom gobo templates to submit to the Apollo Gobo Contest. Well low and behold, one of the gobos I submitted was selected as a winner in the contest. So coming in 2009, you'll be able to order a steel template (Apollo number MS-1233) of a Fence fading off in the distance. Hopefully it will be useful for some shows….I don't know….maybe August Wilson's Fences. Also keep in mind that if you purchase any of the new gobos from the contest, Apollo is giving a donation to the “Behind the Scenes” charity from part of the sales, or something to that tune.

To see the other winners and their new gobos: Contest Winners

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