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Apollo brings Multiform's light and colour to the USA

Apollo brings Multiform's light and colour to the USA

Following successful discussions at PLASA 09 Multiform Lighting have appointed Apollo Design Technology inc. based in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis as their US distributor of LED lighting and controllers for the Stage and Architainment markets.

Apollo will be exhibiting at the Big City Bash January 14th and at Super Saturday on January 16th 2010. In Atlanta, Georgia.

On display for the first time in the US will be the latest LED luminaires from Multiform, the MultiSpot HP and MultiBeam HP. Rated at 27W and 54W respectively these fixtures use 3W Multricel LEDs to produce a uniform, shadow free, colour output. Fitted with interchangeable lenses they can provide beam angles of 25, 40 and 60 degrees.

Manufactured from rugged aluminium extrusions and galvanised steel they are equipped with a combined hanging bracket/floor stand, safety cable and designed for DMX or standalone operation making them ideal for most professional lighting applications.

MultiSpot HP MultiBeam HP

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