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Another Screen In The Square

Another Screen In The Square

Another new screen is being installed in Times Square in New York City next week (they're working on it now, and the official lighting, or flipping of the "on" switch, is next week). Toshiba has announced that the company is installing a 53'x53' TRV2013GC 12.5mm LED display screen at the tippy top of that familiar spot at One Times Square, just below where the ball drops on New Year's Eve. Here's where it's going, and you can see the old screen in this shot:


A release from Toshiba notes that the screen replaces the Discover screen that was inherited when Toshiba purchased the space, which the company clearly identifies as "advertising space." This one is a Toshiba Vision, which has more of a marketing intention than anything artistic. The screen uses what Toshiba calls "Technovirtual technology" that uses pixel-sharing to create virtual pixels by sharing LEDs with adjacent ones. If you're in town, it will be officially lit on July 15 at 7pm.

Here's a shot of some folks installing the screen, but you can't see much.


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