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Anolis used to Illuminate  Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Coquelles, Calais

Anolis used to Illuminate Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Coquelles, Calais


Coquelles near Calais, France - famous for the French Eurotunnel terminal - is consequently a hugely popular arrival and departure point for those travelling between Europe and the UK.

The City Council of Coquelles decided to beautify one of its key commercial streets - Avenue Charles de Gaulle - with a tasteful architectural lighting scheme to extend an eye-catching evening welcome for all those arriving and staying there. Many hotels are located on the busy Avenue, and these are in constant use by visitors and business people in transit.

Installation company Forclum Calais (the electrical division of the giant civil engineering operation, Eiffage) specified Anolis ArcSource 6 RGB Inground LED fixtures for the scheme, a total of 30 of which are used to illuminate the trees and foliage along a key stretch of the Avenue.

Forclum Calais contacted Anolis's French distributor Ambiance Lumiere's commercial agent Lumiru in Lille to supply the fixtures, and both companies worked together to implement the project.

They were keen to use LEDs because of their low power and sustainability, and the Anolis brand was chosen because they wanted a high quality, well engineered and cost-effective all-weather LED. They also wanted fixtures supplied by an architectural specialist with a proven track record of good and efficient after sales and support, and Ambience Lumiere has over 30 years experience in supplying customised lighting for all types of projects.

Says Ambiance Lumiere's Patrice Vandenbussche, "We were very pleased to be selected for this high profile scheme. There is a lot of competition in the LED market, so it's good to see the importance of quality and service is being recognised and decisions are not just being made on price alone."

The Anolis ArcSource Inground fixture offers industry standard in-ground fittings with a fully weatherised IP rating of 67, combined with drive over load bearings to allow the dramatic effects of ArcSource to be introduced to landscape illumination.

The maximum power consumption is an expedient 8.4 Watts, and the LEDs are 1 Watt Luxeons. The fixture has a convection cooling system and a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

The ArcSources along the Avenue Charles de Gaulle are powered by an Anolis ArcPower 360 driver, which has been developed for larger projects to keep the installation process as simple as possible whilst meeting the demands of the most complex systems. It is located in a custom built electrical box on site and is set to a slow colour changing chase.

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