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NEW YORK (March 31, 2010) – The ADOBE annual software user conference posed many unique challenges. First, how to make an event interactive and informative while reaching live and virtual audiences? And, how to coordinate design, lighting, production, fabrication and other factors so their experiences resonate?

By forming a multi-disciplined and talented team ready to tackle these and other factor in showcasing ADOBE's creative suite of products at its four-day conference.

“It was a true test of our capabilities and creativity to design and seamlessly integrate the event's massive amount of content for two audiences,” said Tony Castrigno, senior partner and CEO for DesignContact, the experiential designer.

The Kenwood Group, a San Francisco-based production company, led the efforts. Dan Pinkham, creative director, was responsible for the overall concept, content execution and media design direction. In addition to DesignContact, other members of the team included: Blue Line Studios, providing fabrication; Video Apps employing video projection; Yeager Design, lighting designer for the stage; and el-j productions, which married design with the technical execution.

The set was based on look and feel of the event's Web site, and executed in a form rarely seen in corporate events – old fashioned hand painted scenery. The set at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, was integrated with projected images for the background, large media screen and lighting techniques for the live audience of about 3,000, comprised of developers, designers, industry analysts, Adobe employees and others from the entertainment community.

The event integrated film clips from the movie “Avatar” using Adobe's RealD, a new proprietary 3-D play-back and display technology.


About DesignContact and DC Connect

DesignContact works with dozens of U.S. and international-based event agencies, production companies and exhibit houses to design integrated and intelligent space using architecture, media and interactivity for creative exhibitions, special events and trade shows. DC Connect, a subsidiary of Design Contact, provides hands-on technology with a human interface system that delivers real-time audio, visuals and light based on touch. Visit and

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