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Animated Star Wars And Other Things That Should Never Be

George Lucas once joked that he loves making movies except that he has to deal with actors. Seems like he finally made his own dreams come true: to make a Star Wars film with no actors. Now, I realize that this is not exactly the forum for discussing Star Wars, but I also know how many of you cannot deny your adoration for the genre (yes, I think it gets its own genre, and the term "sci-fi" just doesn't do it justice), so maybe not so inappropriate after all, eh?

I feel maybe it's time to start compiling a list of things that should never be, this being among the first bastardizations of many. I'm all for technology and how it helps our lives everyday, but doing away with people altogether? Has Lucas seen Terminator? So, let's start a list, specific to our industry, of things that should never be (or should never come back).

I'll start: iPhone apps that churn out production designs given just a few parameters (no designers required). Hmmmmm?

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