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Andy Hurst gives Impression Wash to High-Octane Prodigy

Andy Hurst gives Impression Wash to High-Octane Prodigy


Concert and television lighting specialist, Andy Hurst has introduced GLP's popular Impression moving LED light into his design for Prodigy's latest tour of UK theatres, after seeing them in use at this summer's Isle of Wight Festival (where he has been production lighting designer since 2006).

Impressed by the brightness, response speed and versatility of the popular fixture he has been using between 28 and 32 heads on the scalable rig for the break-neck techno band fronted by Keith Flint. They have been used as both floor effects, across the front of the stage and as washes alongside conventional moving head VL3000 spots and pulsing Atomic strobes, on four upstage/downstage finger trusses.

“When I first saw them at the Isle of Wight I immediately noticed how bright they were — almost as bright as a Mac 2k,” he reports. “In fact I run them alongside the Mac 2K on the rig.”

Aside from their low draw, the fixtures, each housing 90 RGB luxeon lamps, offer him extreme weight advantages — particularly useful given some of the smaller theatres the band have been playing. This has enabled him to replace the previous design with finger trusses and also run towers, with climbing truss cranes (providing a ‘roof' over the band) where loading points permit.

Andy is using the Impressions essentially as washlights, run off a Road Hog Full Boar lighting desk, to provide a rich color backdrop to this high octane show — with all lighting for the tour provided by PRG. “The movement and response are both excellent. We have been making full use of the pan and tilt [660° x 330°] and the smoothness of the dimming, right down to the bottom, has been particularly impressive.” The LD confirms that the GLP heads have performed flawlessly throughout the tour, with the floor FX providing an extra dimension.

In fact it was as floor lighting that the Impressions were first deployed after the experienced lighting man took over responsibilities for the band nearly a year ago.

For more information, please contact the GLP US office at [email protected] or by calling (310) 891-0773

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