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American DJ Receives Judgment In American Audio® Trademark Case

LOS ANGELES – (For Immediate Release) -- American DJ received a final Judgment, against Defendants V2Go Technology Corporation and American Audio Laboratory, Inc. in the amount of $619,391.91 plus interest, for Defendants’ infringement of the Federally Registered, incontestable and famous American Audio® trademark. The Judgment also included a Permanent Injunction against the Defendants and all of their … officers, directors, principals, servants, employees, etc. … from infringing upon the American Audio® trademark at any time in the future.

This lawsuit was filed in 2010 after V2Go Technology Corporation, American Audio Laboratory, Inc., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., DBL Distributing, LLC and Laser Karaoke, Inc. (dba Karaoke Warehouse), began to manufacture, market and distribute audio equipment marked “American Audio.” Wal-Mart, DBL and Laser Karaoke settled the respective claims made against them by American DJ. Each of these defendants recognized American DJs’ rights to its famous American Audio® trademark and agreed to discontinue any further use of the company’s universally known and respected trademark. V2Go and American Audio Laboratory closed their doors following the filing of the lawsuit, and it is believed their principal, Harold Wang, fled the United States.

Kenneth L. Sherman, of Sherman & Zarrabian LLP, lead counsel for American DJ, made the following statement, “This final Judgment vindicates American DJ’s claims in this matter, recognizing American DJ’s rights to its famous ‘American Audio®’ trademark and terminating the substantive phase of this matter. ADJ will pursue all those who intentionally engaged in this infringement, including the principals of the defendant companies. American DJ maintains a policy of respecting the valid intellectual property rights of others and likewise demands that its rights be respected. American DJ welcomes fair competition in the marketplace, but will not stand for nor acquiesce to unfair competition where competitors illegally and unduly seek to gain an advantage by attempting to encroach upon American DJ’s hard earned goodwill. American DJ will now pursue collection against the Principals of Defendants V2Go and American Audio Laboratory in order to send a strong message to the industry that any attempt to infringe upon American DJ’s trademarks will have serious consequences.”

American DJ is an internationally recognized leader in special effects lighting, audio and trussing products, with Companies in the ADJ Group selling products under a variety of marks, including American DJ®, American Audio®, Elation®, Global Truss®, Duratruss®, and Acclaim Lighting®.

For any questions or comments, contact Kenneth L. Sherman of SHERMAN & ZARRABIAN LLP, 1411 5th Street, Suite 306, Santa Monica, California at 424-229-6800

For more information Contact American DJ:

U.S. Office - Tel: 800-322-6337/+1-323-582-2650 • Web: • E-mail: [email protected]

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