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American DJ Given the Spotlight in Popular Web Series, The Crossfader Show

American DJ Given the Spotlight in Popular Web Series, The Crossfader Show

crossfadershow_adjsmaller.jpgLOS ANGELES – Episode #15 of the popular web series, The Crossfader Show, featured a “Grand Tour of American DJ”, with American DJ's Brian Dowdle and Chuck Green as featured guests, a Revo Rave live demo and even a trip to a tricked-out car wash that featured an impressive light and sound show using American DJ products. This week's episode gave its audience an exclusive insider-only look at the company that host Jose Heredia describes as being “synonymous with lighting all over the world, and the biggest company to mobile DJ's”.

Hosted by Jose Heredia, aka DJ Satisfaction and DJ Johnny Aftershock, The Crossfader Show is a weekly video stream that broadcasts live every Monday at 12 pm PST on, and features news, interviews, personalities, in-depth reviews, tools, tips and help on all things related to the DJ Industry. Similar to American DJ, the show is made to be from a DJ's point of view as an informative look at what's new and hot in the DJ world.

Brian Dowdle, who is the Marketing Director for American DJ, gave a brief description of the history behind the brand's philosophy and beginnings. Brian says, “American DJ has always been a grass roots company that was created by DJ's for DJ's. We are so grateful to have the chance to reach out to the DJ community so we can develop products that make sense for them and what they do.” Brian and Chuck took time on the show to answer questions about popular American DJ products and their uses.

Chuck Green's regular YouTube show, Under The Hood, explores the latest and greatest technology from American DJ with a hands-on approach. Chuck explains that he has been a sales representative for the company, as well as an audio engineer and lighting designer who enjoys picking apart electronic equipment (both literally and figuratively) and seeing what makes it tick. In this episode of The Crossfader Show, Chuck gives the audience an insider look at the Revo Rave. The group observes as DJ Aftershock opens up a brand-new Revo Rave and gives the audience a play-by-play on how simple it is to set up the lightweight power-packed Revo Rave. Like other members of the Revo family, the Rave produces brilliant, saturated LED moonflower beams in red, green, blue and white that are so rich in color, they look great with or without fog effects. Because it's so compact and easy to use, the Revo Rave is ideal for DJs, clubs, small venues and mobile entertainers. At the very end of the show, the now-famous Revo Rave was given away as a special prize to a very lucky viewer, Mark the DJ.

For more information, contact American DJ at 1-800-322-6337 or visit the website at

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