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American Audio To Turn Up Performance, Versatility And Mobility At ProLight + Sound

American Audio To Turn Up Performance, Versatility And Mobility At ProLight + Sound

americanaudio-pls2010-pr_smaller.jpgLOS ANGELES – Today's DJs may use CDs or a computer . . . they may switch back and forth between the analog and digital worlds. .. and they're “on the go” more than ever so they need gear that's not only versatile but easy to take with them. Recognizing this, American Audio has developed two new performance tools designed to handle the versatility of DJ-ing today – the Radius 3000 Media Player/MIDI Controller and VMS4 Velocity MIDI Station – plus a new portable sound system whose speakers and mixer pack up into one compact unit, the PPA-210. The three innovative products will headline American Audio's display at ProLight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, March 24-27, which can be seen in Hall 11, Booth D51.

“More than ever today, DJs want versatile pro audio gear that can be used with or without a computer, delivers a high level of performance, and offers the features they need for real world applications, such as easy portability,” said Tom Freret, national sales manager for American Audio. “American Audio has developed products like the Radius 3000, VMS4 and PPA-210, which respond to our customers' needs. We are proud to be showing these and other innovative pro audio gear at the PLS show.”

Here's a closer look at American Audio's 3 groundbreaking show highlights:

Radius 3000 – Great for DJ-ing with CDs or a computer, the Radius 3000 is a professional CD/ MP3/ WAV player that has MIDI capabilities for controlling DJ music playback software. The versatile unit includes a slot-load CD drive, and both SD Card and USB inputs. Configured like a pro CD deck, its familiar design makes it easy for DJs to make the transition to the digital world. It features a large 6-inch jog wheel, 9 on-board DSP effects (Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phase, Flanger, Pan, Bop), a display with track and artist information, and a convenient white LED marker that rotates around the jog wheel to show where the track is playing. Loaded with features found only on top-of-the-line CD players, the Radius 3000 also includes Advanced Track Search, 10 seconds of Anti-Shock memory, Advanced Cue-ing with track search by frame, and an all-new Database Builder for USB drives that allows you to sort music by Title, Artist, Album or Genre.

VMS4 Velocity MIDI Station – The ultimate DJ controller, the VMS4 is an amazingly versatile piece of gear that combines all the features of a 4-channel professional club mixer, 2 touch-sensitive playback decks and a user configurable sound card into a convenient roadworthy steel chassis. It includes both MIDI and analog channels, so it can be used with a computer or as an analog mixer without a computer, which also makes it a great “backup” unit if the computer crashes. Developed for real-world applications, the VMS4 includes a built-in mousepad so DJs can make all their selections from the top of the unit. It also features a unique Innofader crossfader option (sold separately), 2 microphone channels, 62 assignable MIDI buttons and switches, and Q-Start crossfader controlled startup. Incredibly affordable, the VMS4 contains many built-in quality features that add to its value. All of its audio control faders, knobs, switches and buttons are smoothed to eliminate popping and other distractive noises, and it comes with a solid 1.6mm thick faceplate for extra durability.

PPA-210 – A compact portable PA system with built-in digital effects, graphic EQ and USB playback, the PPA-210 is ideal for anyone who needs to take their music with them. The convenient all-in-one system includes two10-inch portable speakers, an 8-channel powered mixer and a dynamic microphone, along with all the cables required to set it up. When it's time to move on, the entire system packs up into one compact unit that latches together for easy transport and maximum protection. Despite its compactness, the PPA-210 is loaded with features, including: 3-band, EFX Sound, Pan and Level on each channel; built-in 300W (150W 8 ohms per channel) stereo power amplifier with dynamic distortion processor; 7-band system equalizer with switch; 4 XLR mic inputs; and an internal digital delay effects processor with 16 selections. The speaker system features 1-inch compression drivers and 10-inch woofers. The PPA-210 offers USB and mini jack inputs for convenient MP3 music playback. You can set the system up, hit play and walk away from it!

To experience these and other exciting new pro audio products first hand, visit American Audio's exhibit at ProLight + Sound, located in Hall 11, Booth D51.

For more information, contact American DJ. U.S. Headquarters: +1-800-322-6337, Netherlands: +31 (0)45 546 85 00

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