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amBIENT XC Sets the Mood for the Higher Life Conference at Wembley Arena

amBIENT XC Sets the Mood for the Higher Life Conference at Wembley Arena

wembley2sm.jpgamBIENT XC made its debut at the Higher Life Conference at Wembley Arena, featuring five shows over three days, 11-13 September. Each day featured a morning service and an evening service, with the audience remaining within the arena between the shows.

The idea was to use the amBIENT XC to run the LED lights in the arena between services to achieve a dynamic look that would respond to the stage state without having an operator present. The stand-alone DMX 512 hardware controller for RGB LED lighting fixtures is designed to create sensory surround experiences synchronising light, video and sound.

wembley1sm.jpgThe amBIENT XC controlled 12 x 1m XBAR LEDs, 48 x i-pix Satellites and 10 x Thomas PixelLines. The ambient effects proved to be gentle and smooth enough to not detract from the ongoing religious experience, yet it still provided a dynamic look without having to program or operate it.

Entec Sound and Light provided lighting, sound, rigging and video projection for the event. Lighting Designer Ryan Brown of Entec explained, “We used a small camera mounted at front of house to run through a video switcher that provided video content directly to the amBIENT XC. This allowed me to fade the environment into a blue holding frame that made for a seamless transition back to console control for the shows via DMX switch. I used a mixture of ambient effects and video effects – amBX Modes from the amBIENT XC itself.”

“With some 20 hours of show time I wanted to achieve as many different dynamic looks as possible for the opening sections and then settle into a static look for the sermon that was unique show to show,” said Brown, “The amBIENT XC's programming and touchscreen User Interface is very good, intuitive and easy to use.”

amBIENT XC is available for sales and distribution exclusively through TMB as a standalone system for lighting installers and within design specifications. Demonstrations will be held during LDI, 20-22 November at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. For more information, visit the amBX website at

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