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All About Yves

All About Yves

Last night, I was lucky to attend the Celine Dion show at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY. The talented Yves Aucoin, Dion's longtime designer, arranged for my mother and I to see the show (during which, just as I suspected, my mother was nearly out of her own skin with excitement). As for me, I was just looking forward to seeing Yves' design and watching Mom mouth "Oh my gawd," all during the show. While I've never been a huge Celine follower (I mean, I know she's a diva and all), the show was incredibly enjoyable, and I think I'm a convert. It just goes to show the impact of live performance. And isn't that really why we all do this?

Snapped some shots with my phone. They don't do it justice, of course. See my interview with Yves from last month here.







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