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Al Laith Site Services is launched

Al Laith Site Services is launched


The Al Laith Group based in Dubai, UAE expands with the launch of a new Site Services division, which is the perfect complement to its Al Laith Scaffolding and Al Laith Event Services operations.

Al Laith Site Services, headed by Paul Richardson, will work closely with Event Services, supplying the best quality toilets, offices and general purpose cabins for all types of events.

Site Services enables Al Laith to offer a complete, comprehensive and highly cost-effective site infrastructure package to its clients, including roofing, staging, grandstand seating, structures (e.g. follow spot towers, disabled platforms), concessions stands, barriers - and now several toilet options plus all the cabins required to establish production villages, temporary dressing rooms and all of the usual front of house facilities.

Says Al Laith MD Tony Nobbs, "The toilet is an essential component for any event. It's the one basic element that everyone involved will need to use - from crew and staff to the general public. If it's a bad experience, it becomes a talking point and can make the difference between an individual's enjoyment of the event or not! Our objective is to provide the very best lavatorial services - front and back of stage - in the region, in all aspects".

Other practical reasons for setting up Site Services include the fact that Al Laith's Scaffolding and Event Services teams, who are always the first on/last off site as the event build starts and the break down finishes, can now bring their own toilets and offices with them - and work completely independently of other contractors during set up.

The move came via the friendly take-over of an existing company, giving Al Laith Site Services substantial numbers of assorted office and ablution units - including male, female, VIP and wheelchair accessible WCs.

In addition to these, there is a series of quick erection flat-pack site offices and male/female/disabled shower blocks which can be folded up/down and secured in literally 2 minutes without needing a crane.

The very latest toilet technology on offer includes recycling flush style single standalone 'portaloos', which are designed to stay fresh for days, and dispel the myths of the infamous old style chemical toilet.

There are also 55 units of new smaller modular toilet blocks, 20 ft long and 8 ft wide, male one side and female the other, which can be transported during daytime without the need of a special wide-load escort and all the administration that this involves.

As Tony Nobbs explains, "This means we can react extremely fast to last minute requests for additional toilets, and these units are also ideal for sites with limited space. If needs be, they can be stacked two high halving the footprint". Other key features include the same size holding tank as the standard 40 ft long units, keeping sludge factor flow rates and waste disposal service requirements efficient.

All Al Laith Site Services' ablution units are supplied with a dedicated team of cleaners to service and maintain the units for the duration of the event, other finishing details include electric hand driers and quality disposables like premium toilet tissues hand towels, soap, etc., offering a pleasant and fully hygienic experience.

The offices are all multi-purpose and include a range of open plan units which can also be utilised as mess halls or for storage units, ticket and POS counters, guard rooms, etc. Additional products are being purchased on a regular basis to keep up with latest market and client demands.

Al Laith Site Services has already been busy, supplying over 80 offices and various ablution units to the Asian Beach Games in Muscat, Oman, with units also sent to Doha, Qatar, for a series of events.

With the current show and event season well underway, the order book is looking healthy.

For more press info. on Al Laith Site Services, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 1865 202679/+44 7831 329888 or Email ‘'. For more general info and to contact Al Laith direct, check or call +971(4)338 8882.

Photo :

Tony Nobbs (left) MD of Al Laith and Paul Richardson (right) Divisional Manager Al Laith Site Services in front of a Three Room Office on Al Laith Site Services' new yard adjoining the main Al Laith yard.

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