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The Adventure Continues!

Another cool aspect of the LDI show is you can get "inside" info on upcoming events, movies, etc. I stopped by the Kino Flo booth and spoke a bit with Tom Jacob.

Since DP Mitchell Sargent wrote about his fondness for Kino Flo's products in a "What I'm Using Now" column in Lighting Dimensions last spring and I did an article on Pierre Morel's work on the Jet Li film Unleashed in the June LD, I thought I would take a closer look to see what the DPs were raving about. I asked Tom about Kino Flo's involvement in a film I've been anticipating anxiously like most kids anticipate the next Harry Potter flick. I'm talking about, of course, Wolfgang Petersen's remake of the 1972 disaster classic The Poseidon Adventure.

Simply called Poseidon, the new movie is an updated version on a modern cruise liner and stars Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfus, Josh Lucas, and many more. Tom told me how disoriented he was when he went on the set at Warner Bros. to take pictures of the Kinos in action and wondered why the sets were such a mess...then he realized these were the sets after the disaster. The Kinos were installed in the floor--well, actually the ceiling but now it's the floor--to give an uplighting effect. He also talked a bit about the fixtures that were waterproof and were used underwater because when a capsized ship starts to flood, it's the ceiling and the fixtures that go under first. It'll be interesting to hear more about this exciting movie from a lighting point of view so stay tuned.

Poseidon--sans Shelley Winters--opens in May 2006.

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