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Advances in LED Product for entertainment uses: Key Considerations

From Barbizon Summer e-Newsletter:

Contributed on behalf of Boca Flasher LED lighting manufactuer - go to website

LED light sources have inherent advantages in lifetime, maintenance, ruggedness, operational efficiencies and green power. Yet, until recently, they were unable to reach the levels of white light brightness and color wash capabilities needed for stage, studio, and public venues.

Their lumen output was a fraction of that generated by tungsten-based PAR lights. They had a variety of performance issues compared to moving lights with CMY color mixing. These deficiencies contributed to LED products being used mainly for entertainment and architainment applications such as signage, cove lighting, bar back, accent and decorative lighting. This is now changing. Full-service LED lighting system manufacturers are extending technology in line with user demands.

From DMX-interfaced systems and dimmable fixtures to MR16 lights and LED bulbs

Led by several well-known companies' LED "brick" lights, these additive RGB color mixing fixtures provide the brightness and degree of color saturation to compete with conventional DMX-interfaced lighting systems - without the gels, filters, moving parts, dimmed circuits and cables.

Manufacturers have also made inroads with white light and color temperature brick lights. For just one example, Boca Flasher's BF-SBL-WWW provides high output 92+ CRI illumination and uses CleanDim control technology for smooth 0-100% dimming.

So, while halogen lighting systems are able to generate massive amounts of lumens, many applications either just do not need those levels of brightness or an alternative design incorporating a sufficient number of LED brick lights will suffice.

For accents and effects, color changing and monochromatic LED light sources offer high performance in a small package (such as MR16 modules or Edison base bulbs).

The 'X' Factors

Be aware, though, that the number of LED product manufacturers continues to grow. And compared to conventional lighting, LED products may often vary significantly in quality, performance, options and customization, price and overall value.

Distributors such as leader Barbizon can be of assistance. Barbizon represents hundreds of manufacturers -- from those that excel at developing specific types of products to industry leaders with broad product lines. Contact your local Barbizon office to help you determine what product would best suit your needs.

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