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ADLIB Scouts For Girls

ADLIB Scouts For Girls


ADLIB Audio supplied a V-DOSC sound system to the recent Scouting For Girls UK tour which was specified by the band's FOH engineer, Andy Williamson.

It was the first time Williamson had toured V-DOSC, who thought the time was right to give it a good road test. It was also his first time using ADLIB on a full touring show although he's known Andy Dockerty and Tony Szabo for many years and worked with them on previous gigs, so when the opportunity arose, he got them onboard. "ADLIB work in a very personal way with all their clients, and I wanted a company that could guarantee this commitment to service and attention to detail" he states.

They used 8 V-DOSC elements per side with 6 of the new L-Acoustics SB28 subwoofers per side and 4 ARCS per side ground stacked. Due to the large differences in venue sizes, they also carried 24 dV-DOSC & 4 dVSUBS to act as side hangs. For the arenas on the itinerary, they upped the total V-DOSC count to 24. The ARCS also served as front fills; together with 2 dV-DOSC for front lip fills.

The system was driven by the new LA8 amps which have onboard processing. These are networked for ultimate flexibility.

At FOH Williamson, who has always been a fan of digital consoles, chose a DigiDesign Profile, primarily for it's tidy footprint and great sound. He ran 33 channels into it and utilized all the onboard processing and plug-ins.

There was a standard ADLIB control rack at FOH, complete with Lake DLPs run on a wireless tablet system. For additional fine tuning and time alignment, they also ran a Meyer SIM 3 system, a personal favourite of Szabo's.

Monitor babysitter Declan Fyans oversaw a d&b M2 wedge system onstage, spec'd by monitor engineer Matt Simmons.

The side fills were L-Acoustics ARCS and SB28 subs - one stack of 2 ARCs and 2 subs per side, driven by a combination of d&b D12 amps and Labgruppen PLM10000s - also newly purchased by ADLIB – offering onboard Lake processing.

The monitor console was a Yamaha PM5D, running 12 mixes, plus two IEM Sennheiser G2 systems for guitarist Pete Clements and drummer Pete Ellard. dbx 160SL compression was running in line with each set of IEMs and a dvSUB at these positions helped fill the area with a bit of air and bass movement! Apart from the dbx's, Simmons used all the consoles' onboard effects and processing.

Creatively it's a big pop show, so Williamson had a nightly battle to elevate the general volume above a cacophony of enthusiastic screaming fans, and he also had to ensure the vocals were clearly audible, revealing Scouting For Girls' characteristically quirky lyrics which are important to the show and the ethos of the music!

Lighting was being supplied by Siyan and is designed by Johnny Barker. Scouting For Girls is just one of many tours finishing off an incredibly busy year of live music, touring, festivals and events for Liverpool based ADLIB.

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