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ADLIB Gets into the Fray again

ADLIB Gets into the Fray again


Following their very successful supply of sound to Denver based piano rock band The Fray's 2007 tour, ADLIB Audio was again asked to provide FOH control and a stage system for the band's recent UK and European tour, plus a lighting specials package from ADLIB Lighting.

The Fray's FOH engineer Mark Maher specified a DigiDesign Profile console for his mix, to which he added a pair of Empirical Labs EL8-X distressors for the snare drum and acoustic guitar.

ADLIB systems engineer Declan Fyans toured a Dolby Lake processing system and wireless tablet remote, which he used to EQ and fine tune the house speaker systems. "It was interesting working with different loudspeaker brands each day, all have their own characteristics and nuances, but generally all the ones we encountered were good quality, and we achieved great results in all the different rooms". The various systems included JBL VerTec, L-Acoustics dV-DOSC, Meyer Sound MILO, Martin Audio W8LM and d&b J-Series.

ADLIB's stage system consisted of a Yamaha PM5D console for engineer Robert Nelson, complete with 6 Sennheiser G2 IEM mixes and 5 d&b M2 wedges, driven by D12 amps. They also supplied a dV-SUB for the drummer powered by a Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amp.

Lead singer Isaac Slade's mic of choice was a Sennheiser G2 500 series radio mic with a 935 head.

This set up gave the band continuity and quality assurance every day in a cost effective touring package, which "Made a lot of sense and worked really well," confirms Fyans. It also demonstrated ADLIB's flexibility and dedication to offering their clients the very best live performance technical support.

For The Fray's lighting designer Joel Wojcik, the specials package consisted of ten 4-way and six 2-way Molefeys. The 4 ways were rigged on five 8ft scaff poles with bases - a row of 5 units at 8ft high, and another low level row at 3ft high, just skimming the backline.

The 2-ways were positioned as 3 down either side of stage, also on upright poles. They were powered by an Avolites Art2000 T2 dimmer module and ADLIB also supplied an MA Lighting grandMA light console for control.

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