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Addictive TV + Mike Relm @ Code Live in Vancouver 2010

Addictive TV + Mike Relm @ Code Live in Vancouver 2010


On Friday, February 6, CODE Live's opening night concert featured two of the top acts in audiovisual performance with London audiovisual remixers Addictive TV joining San Francisco's video turntablist Mike Relm.

Part of the innovative cultural events surrounding the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, CODE Live is an innovative 18-day state-of-the-art lineup of powerful interactive art and cutting-edge music, running through February 21.

Equipment-wise for the live performance, the set-up included three Pioneer DVJ:1000 DVD turntables, a laptop running VJammPro, a customised Edirol V4 audio/video mixer - modified to take audio, plus a Pioneer DJM-800 audio mixer. All four sources are both audio and video. Vancouver fans experienced fast-paced video cut-ups, mash-ups, sampling and remixing of everything from cult movies to rock icons, and for this special occasion even some extreme Olympic winter sports! addictive-TV-2

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