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Acclaim Puts The “Pink” in Louisiana Hospital's Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Acclaim Puts The “Pink” in Louisiana Hospital's Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Acclaim Lighting Louisiana HospitalMARRERO, LA – (For Immediate Release) – Pink wristbands, T-shirts and ribbons are a common sight during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. . . . but a pink hospital? West Jefferson Medical Center (WJMC) wanted to do something special to celebrate the life of breast cancer survivors and honor the memory of those who lost their battle with the disease, so the New Orleans-area hospital “turned pink,” putting its 10-story front entrance aglow in brilliant pink lights for the entire month of October.

The traffic-stopping pink lighting display was created by Abstract Productions, LLC (Baton Rouge, LA), using Rebel Pro Par RGB LED pars from Acclaim Lighting. Adrian Miceli of Abstract said that power draw was “a huge factor” in selecting a fixture to color wash the 120-foot-long by 10-story-high exterior space, since the lights were to remain on continuously for 12 hours daily.

The Rebel Pro Par's energy efficiency, along with its high-power output, smooth color mixing, IP-65 outdoor rating and versatility to be used for many other applications beyond the WJMC project were reasons why Miceli chose the fixture. Consuming just 50 watts at full power, the Rebel Pro Par is equipped with 36 bright Rebel LEDs (12 each red, green, blue) that produce an exceedingly brilliant color wash.

“I was very impressed with the output in a par-style outdoor-rated fixture,” said Miceli. “I also needed a fixture that could be used in our regular shows.”

A total of 12 Rebel Pro Pars were used to illuminate the entrance wall of the hospital. Utilizing the fixture's split yoke design, the units were positioned on a second story overhang about 12 feet above ground level. This spot was chosen for two reasons, said Miceli. “One was security – being on the second-level, no one could steal the lights. It also put the pars at a great starting point for uplighting the building.”

The fixtures were set on Manual operation, but were tied into the hospital's control system to turn on automatically every evening at 6 p.m. and off at 6 a.m. Hospital officials reported that WJMC's stunning pink façade attracted comments from passersby, and that some people even stopped to take photos.

WJMC personnel praised the Acclaim lights. “Striking, beautiful and inspiring,” said one hospital administrator. “They're a wonderful addition to our pink wonderland of bows and other decorations graciously donated by employees and volunteers, which grace the campus during the day. When the sun sets, the lights help West Jefferson Medical Center observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month with everyone who comes to our campus. It reminds people of loved ones lost, gives hope to survivors, and lets people know that we are committed in the fight against breast cancer and finding a cure. Most importantly, we hope it encourages people to get screened.”

For more information, contact Acclaim Lighting at 323-213-4626 or visit

Abstract Productions can be reached at 504-837-1527 or visit

Photo (c) AKoch Photography, LLC 2011. Please visit their website at

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