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AC-ET Supplies Audio and AV for Woodend Barn Arts Centre

AC-ET Supplies Audio and AV for Woodend Barn Arts Centre


A. C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. has supplied a fully flexible, high quality, Martin Audio Blackline PA system and associated AV equipment to service both live events and HD cinema shows - together with a full HD projection solution - to the Woodend Barn venue in Banchory, Aberdeenshire: a leading Scottish multi purpose arts centre.

Founded in 1994, Woodend Arts is run by a unique collective of paid staff and volunteers. The Woodend Barn hosts a diverse programme of music, theatre, comedy, dance, film, children's events, art exhibitions and workshops.

AC-ET had previously supplied lighting equipment and a background music system to the Woodend Barn project for their cafe/bistro. At that stage, plans to further develop the Barn were already underway, and more recently, additional funding enabled the investment in a new sound and cinema system.

Once funding was granted by Creative Scotland and others, Woodend Arts chairperson, Mark Hope got back in touch with AC-ET's Glen Thompson - based at the company's High Wycombe HQ - and discussed a set of multi-functional audio requirements.

Quality and flexibility were key requirements, as the setup had to provide a dynamic live entertainment PA system - to accommodate anything from spoken word to bands of various genres - and a full surround sound cinema experience for film nights.

Being a trained classical musician, Mark has a good ear for sound. He knew what was needed for the live elements of the audio system and also had the brands in mind. Cinema sound is a completely different concept, so he and Glen worked together to ensure that the specified equipment would work equally well in both contexts.

This flexible arrangement involved the installation of speakers at both ends of the room.

For bands and live performances, two Martin Audio Blackline F12+ full range speakers are flown either side of the stage, each with a Martin Audio S-18+ sub-woofer situated below.

At the back of the auditorium/dancefloor area, another pair of F12+'s are flown in similar positions. All four are used in the cinema format set up, together with an additional F12+ on a stand, which is deployed behind the screen as a Centre Speaker. This is vital for locking the dialogue centrally to the screen.

The surround-sound (from the 4 F12+s and 2 S18+s) is also used for dance performances that take place 'in-reverse' on the auditorium floor with the audience seated on the stage.

All the speakers are powered by QSC PLX amplifiers which were supplied as part of the package, and for 'live' events, controlled via a dedicated Martin Audio M3+ sound processor. AC-ET also supplied an Allen & Heath GL2800 24-channel mixing console and four JBL JRX 112M wedge monitors, complete with Yamaha P Series amps and two Yamaha 31 band graphic EQs.

For movie screenings, the source is played by a Denon DN-V500BD Blu-ray device and the speaker system is hooked into a Denon DN-A7100 digital AV processor, which provides 5.1 surround sound outputs. This unit is also capable of 7.1 surround so will allow the cinema system's audio to be expanded if required.

For the visual side of the cinema equation, AC-ET supplied a 5 metre wide Harkness Hall Major Pro C standard perforated screen, which is mounted on a motorized roller. The projector is a Panasonic PT-DZ6700E supplied complete with a standard 1.8-2.4 lens and permanently mounted using Unicol hardware.

The sale also included a selection of wired and wireless mics from Shure, AKG and Sennheiser.

Mark comments, "It has been excellent working with AC-ET on this project. The company has been very helpful throughout the project and they have helped us to deliver a high quality installation on-time and within budget.

“Glen has been very supportive, knowledgeable and forthright in his advice -which is based on his thorough research and practical experience. We also have confidence in the back up and after-sales service."

For more press information on A.C. Entertainment Technologies, please contact Louise Stickland on +44 7831 329888 or +44 1865 202679 or EMail ;

For more information from AC-ET direct, please contact:

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.

+44 (0)1494 446000

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