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5 Star Cases/CPL Collaboration  Hits the Thousand Mark!

5 Star Cases/CPL Collaboration Hits the Thousand Mark!


Wisbech, UK based 5 Star Cases is mid-way through the supply of a large amount - currently around the 1000 mark and set to double - of cases to award winning AV rental and staging company, Central Presentations Ltd (CPL), with bases in Birmingham and Bristol.

CPL has been using 5 Star for its case requirements since late 2006, and is currently in the process of replacing all its existing road cases for both locations with new cases and ensuring that every piece of equipment - from the largest, including Barco FLM projectors, Sony HXC100 camera channels and Grass Valley HD PPU to single hand-bag sized microphones - has a new case.

All the new cases are finished in a striking red high pressure laminate and range from lightweight briefcase styles right up to large Tour Grade trunks.

Over 1000 cases have already been delivered by 5 Star to CPL which has nearly completed the re-casing project for the Birmingham office. Next the operation will be moving on to do the same in Bristol, which will feature about the same in terms of numbers.

The two companies have also devised a new modular system for CPL called Q-Pack. This is based on 5 Star's popular Eurotrucker series of cases, the design of which has been evolved over the last few months into a versatile General Purpose trunk that also accommodates a multitude of trays, 19” rack sleeves and other 5 Star designed CPL accessories.

This project is being managed by 5 Star's Steve Swann. At the heart of the Q-Pack system is a series of foam inserts. The Q-Pack is now also available as a standard 5 Star product range, and if other companies buy the same system, one advantage is that kit can be cross hired and re-packed very easily, and all appear to to be from a single uniform source.

The Q-Pack GP cases stack 4 across in the back of a standard artic truck trailer, and CPL is changing its entire hire and rental stock to fit into this system.

Matthew Boyse, MD of CPL says, "There is a fantastic synergy between 5 Star and ourselves, and people are frequently commenting on our casing and the general presentation of our kit. Apart from protecting the equipment, appearances are important."

CPL recently won the 2010 AV Magazine Award for Rental & Staging Company. They have 3 divisions - equipment hire, technical services and venue services, which involves working on a whole range of events and with other companies. How they present themselves and their equipment - of which cases are a vital element - was one of the elements to winning the Award.

Says 5 Star's Steve Swann, "Developing a long term relationship with a busy and proactive client like CPL is a great experience that presents challenges and learning curves - which is what we like. Getting to know a company over a period of time really helps the flow and efficiency of the operation and is constantly stimulating new ideas".

For more press info on 5 Star Cases, please call Louise Stickland on +44 (0)1865 202679 or +44 (0)7831 329888 or Email ‘'. Contact 5 Star direct on +44 (0)1945 427000 or check

Pictured – CPL's Directors Matthew Boyse and Scott Pearson (left) with technicians

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