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3OH!3 Rocks Out with CHAUVET®

3OH!3 Rocks Out with CHAUVET®

ORANGE, Calif. – CHAUVET® took the stage with electronic-pop rock sensations 3OH!3 at Chapman University for a live concert performance. On stage with the duo were 24 MVPâ„¢ 18 video wall panels and 50 COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour static wash lights backed by four SparkliteLEDâ„¢ drapes. 3oh3-main.jpg

SparkliteLEDâ„¢ drapes created a star field of twinkling LED light behind five rows of MVPâ„¢ 18 modular video panels placed vertically in four groups of five and one group of four strategically positioned over the drummer. Complementing the panels, were five vertical strips, each banking 10 COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour wash lights used as blinders. Pulsating images from the video panels included scrolling text, logos and motion graphics. 3oh3-closeup.jpg

Specified and programmed by Kris Plourde president and CEO of N-Effect Productions, based in southern California, the CHAUVET® gear is also part of the production company's inventory—boasting 110 COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour wash lights. N-Effect Productions services all the productions at Chapman University, as well as other events totaling 400 events annually. 3oh3-crowd.jpg

COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour is an awesome light,” Plourde said, “punchy with great features. MVPâ„¢ 18 are very light, I can pick up four at once! Overall they are great for production: modular, easy to work with, have power and ether connectors—an awesome panel.”

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