Nathan Janota

Lighting Designer/Programmer, Maelstrom Lighting Design

My name is Nathan Janota, and I'm a freelance Lighting Designer and Programmer.


I started off when I was 14, working in Houses of Worship as a busker, doing mostly live events, using analog boards and conventional fixtures.  After nearly 4 years, the venue I was working at upgraded to moving heads and LEDs, and equipped a Jands Hog 1000.  I began studying the DMX protocol, and learned basic electrical work, including simplistic rigging and electrician's work.


By the time I entered college at 17, I had accrued experience on consoles large and small, digital and analog, and began pursuing a degree in engineering.  While pursuing my degree, I began gaining experience with the MAonPC software, and occassional experience with the MA2 full size.  I attended my first LDI last year, and began studying Lighting Design and Programming in earnest this year, with a recent refocus on Computer Engineering as my degree.


I'm now a sophomore in my degree, and have almost 9 years of experience in the lighting industry, to a semi-professional level.  This year I will be attending LDI and will be taking LDInstitute classes to increase my skills and resume.

I currently operate my own freelance Lighting Design and Programming company in Prescott (Northwest), Arizona.


I look forward to becoming more involved with the Live Design Community.

Updated: 22 SEPT 2014


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