Winter Palace At Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue's Winter Palace opened on November 23, 2015 with the façade's illumination design by LA-based lighting designer Chris Werner of Chris Werner Design, as part of the creative team led by Mark Briggs at Saks Fifth Avenue, who conceived the overall concept of the “Winter Wonders of The World.” Watch a video of The Winter Palace.

Winter Palace Lighting Gear List


  • 1 MA Lighting grandMA2 Light
  • 7 PRG MBox Media Server
  • 1 Horatio Bridge - Architainment Monitoring System
  • 5 ETC Sensor Dimmer Rack
  • 3 TMB Proplex GBS Fiber Switch
  • 5 Cisco Managed Switch
  • 230+ Universes of ArtNet and KiNet



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