Universal Everything Paints Living Mural On The Sails

For the seventh annual Vivid Sydney, the world's largest festival of light, music, and ideas, media art and design studio Universal Everything collaborated with twenty different animation studios to light the sails of the Sydney Opera House in "Living Mural." For four months, Universal Everything organized the animations, giving each of the studios a prompt word—e.g. Patch d. Keyes did “Burst” and Ori Toor did “Slide”—and requested 30-second long cell animations on a black background to make a living mural from the incredibly diverse graphics. Matt Pyke, founder of Universal Everything, was the creative director and Chris Perry was the animation director. Simon Pyke/Freefarm composed the soundtrack. “Living Mural” lit up the sails for 18 nights, May 22 to June 8. Watch the full projection mapping experience in the video above.

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