Test Your Strength On The Interactive Hi Striker


Instead of testing their strength at the strongman game at a carnival or fair, spectators challenged themselves on the Hi Striker, an interactive installation from Beam'Art. A High End Systems Road Hog console was used to control 242 LED lighting fixtures. 26 beam fixtures and 26 stroboscopes with four DMX controllers manipulated light and smoke, according to The Creators Project. Beam'Art used a force sensor wired to a Mac Mini, software customized in OpenFrameworks, and Ableton Live to create the digital game. 

Hi Striker debuted on a 525' tall building at the Dubai Festival of Lights, and then appeared at the Fête des Lumières on a 349' long bridge in Lyon. The strength of a player was determined by how far a beam of light would stretch across the bridge towards the Palais de Justice. The score was displayed for all to see by how many of the courthouse's 24 Corinthian columns lit up. In a few days, over 2,000 people tried, and only 450 were strong enough to be rewarded with a display of fireworks. For more, check out The Creators Project.

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