TDC Illuminates Sydney

Technical Direction Company (TDC) provided core video expertise to the sixth annual Vivid Sydney festival that ran from May 23 to June 9. The festival celebrates light, music, and ideas that are transformed into state-of-the-art visual and creative art installations. The Light Walk included artists' light installations and projections onto some of Sydney's most iconic buildings, including the Museum of Contemporary Art.

“This is our third year of working with Destination NSW on Vivid Sydney, providing a huge range of technologies including 3D media servers, 3D mapping, video projection equipment, projection tower infrastructure and sound installations, not to mention our highly skilled crews to manage the technology,” comments Kain Jones, Special Projects Manager at TDC. “We have used our experience of working on Vivid Sydney for the last three years."

Vivid Sydney continues to grow every year, adding more locations and projectors. This year TDC deployed over 50 Barco projectors, including the HDQ-2K40 (40,000 lumens brightness), Barco HDF-W26 (22,000 lumens brightness), and FLM-R22+ (22,000 lumens brightness) projectors.

The installations of the sixth annual Vivid Sydney included Spirit Of Patyegarang, Mystery of Creation (Fragments of The Seaons), Dichroic Dimensions, Gamma World, Play Me, Urban Tree, and Vivid Aquatique. Read about these extraordinary visual and creative arts in their photo captions.

Check out the video below of Gamma World's presentation for Vivid Sydney.

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