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How Incredible 3D Projection Image Mapping Transforms NBA Court
<p>How Incredible 3D Projection Image Mapping Transforms NBA Court</p>

Philadelphia 76ers 3D Court Projection

Quince Imaging creates 3D effects to traditional game introductions by providing a system that accommodates multi-level redundancy, remote monitoring and integration with existing arena control and display technologies on the basketball court or ice rink, as opposed to just the normal scoreboard video. By putting the 3D video on the arena of play, the company creates the illusion of basketball floors moving, shaking, or ice breaking apart, or in the case of the 76ers, someone ringing the Liberty Bell as the court floor collapses.

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, with three championships, the Sixers are an organization dedicated to providing the most versatile and exciting entertainment available to their fans at the Wells Fargo Center.

On November 1, 2014, the opening-night sequence was moved light-years beyond the Jumbotron as Sixer fans were treated to a dizzying and unforgettable display where the entire home court -- all 4,700 square feet -- was transformed into a 3D video presentation.

Brought to the court by the trailblazing designers and engineers at Quince Imaging, this 3 minute turbo-charged experience was the talk of the town, reaching over 1.2 million Sixers Vine loops within the first 48 hours.

The Sixers paired Quince Imaging with the Famous Group to collaborate and develop the visually stunning content that makes up this custom show. More than 200 man hours went into this phase and all content had to be critically evaluated to determine if it was the most powerful representations that every fan could appreciate. The final product was a very sophisticated 3D projection mapping blending Cinema 4D elements with 2D After Effects animations.

“High quality projection and premium content made this project a slam dunk!” says CJ Davis, Quince Imaging Creative Director.

The final projection wasn’t simply a pre-game display of stunning visuals; it was able to strike a balance between the show-business of the moment and the marketing of a world-class franchise.

Bringing these visuals to the court was a major technical feat. The engineering team at Quince Imaging used 8 Barco HDF 26k projectors to beam the imagery onto the court surface, mapping the content pixel for pixel to the dimensions of the court. Imagery was optimized to achieve 20-foot candles of projected light on the hardwood surface, allowing for greater than 75:1 contrast ratio.

4K content delivery and image control were achieved using the Coolux Pandoras Box system. Having such a powerful media server system allowed the Quince team to align and blend the mapped elements seamlessly.

Mounting over 2,000 lbs of projection equipment 110 feet in the air was no small task. ACASS Systems designed a custom support system allowing all 8 projectors to be aligned and stabilized with absolute precision, while still maintaining serviceability.

Nothing like this project had ever been done before at the Wells Fargo Center. This incredibly innovative way of entertaining the fans was a success, producing massively increased engagement among viewers at every level.

And the tradition will go on. The 76ers purchased Quince Imaging’s projection-mapping technology for use in pre- and post-game entertainment at the Wells Fargo Center throughout the 2014 -15 season and beyond. The Philadelphia 76ers join the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers as one of the first NBA teams to install this technology permanently.

76ers 2014 Season Opener from Quince Imaging on Vimeo.

Key Equipment:

8 Barco HDF 26k projectors

3 Pandoras Box Dual Player Pros

1 Pandoras Box Manager with Widget Designer

1 Lightware 17x17 Matrix Frame

Cinema 4D

Adobe Creative Suite

Design Team:

Scott Williams – COO, Quince Imaging

CJ Davis – Creative Director, Quince Imaging

Anthony Magdon – Project Manager, Quince Imaging

Eric Gazzillo – Control Systems Manger, Quince Imaging

Pablo De-Negri – System Integration

Nick Fletcher – Media Server Programmer

Jate Earhart – 3D Motion Graphics Designer, Quince Imaging


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